Friday Favorites: Makeup

Helllooo Friday! We’ve all missed you. My weekend technically started last night with the kick off of the RewardStyle Conference here in Dallas. It’s going to be a super fun weekend so be sure to follow along with me on Instagram to see the behind the scenes and follow #RStheCon for more! Before the weekend really kicks in to gear, I of course had to share a Friday Favorites post with you all! This week, its all about spring makeup. I think each new season is a great time to reevaluate and switch up your beauty routine. Plus, there is a big sale happening on a lot of these items so what better excuse to freshen things up?

Click on any of the photos below and you’ll be taken right to that product’s page to shop!

I’m a sucker for a good eyeshadow palette, so I bought two new ones for spring! They are always so much fun to play around with and with really good ones like these, you can get so many different looks out of one palette. I like to switch out my bronzers, highlighters, and blushes as summer gets closer, too because hopefully my skin is getting darker and I need some different colors. Currently, I’m only darker because of a spray tan, but I intend to change that ASAP with some real Vitamin D in my life.

The easiest and most inexpensive way to update your look? Lipstick. Grab a new color and try it out for a fresh take on your everyday routine! What are your favorite ways to update your beauty look?

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! XO


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