Spring Sandals Guide

Every time a new season rolls around I get the most excited about new accessories. I like to do a closet clean out + inventory on what I have, what needs to be replaced, what I’m ready to part with, & what I feel like I’m missing. Then, I like to shop for the best new accessories that I’ll get the best CPW (cost per wear) out of during the upcoming season. It’s even better when it’s a well-made item that will last me for years to come so I can get the most bang for my buck. I tend to be hard on my shoes, so with the exception of booties or boots and sneakers, so it’s really hard for me to splurge too much on shoes. I feel like a lot of boots or sneakers look good when they have a little wear to them, whereas a neutral heel can be ruined in one second if you step on a sidewalk crack. I am the queen of this. However, I digress. The reason for today’s post is to share my Spring sandal guide with you all. Spring is technically a few weeks away, but we’ve already had some warmer afternoons & days that feel like it’s already here in Texas, so I’m in full on Spring shopping mode.

Spring Sandal Guide: sharing a roundup of the cutests spring sandals including flats, lower & higher heels to help you refresh your accessory wardrobe.

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Spring Sandals Guide

I’m breaking down my favorite spring sandals for you all to shop below. This post got me in trouble, because I ordered five new pairs in the process of hunting for the cutest sandals. I needed new ones anyways, so may as well stock up at the beginning of the season to get the most use out of them, right?! Ha. It’s all in the name of research for you all! I’m breaking them down into categories below. Almost every pair of shoes is just over or under $100.

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Aren’t there so many good ones? I included mostly neutrals that I feel like would go with so much. I consider animal prints a neutral, so there are a few of those thrown in, too. I also put in one fun red pair for good measure, because who doesn’t love a statement shoe? I’ll share which new pairs I got in with you all on Instagram & stories, soon. If you need help finding a specific style of shoe you don’t see here, please let me know! I tried to make these affordable options without sacrificing quality! 

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Spring Sandal Guide: sharing a roundup of the cutests spring sandals including flats, lower & higher heels to help you refresh your accessory wardrobe.

I actually don’t have any beach or really warm weather trips on the calendar too soon, so I’m hoping it keeps warming up here so I can wear my new cute spring sandals soon. I’ll have more Spring shopping content coming your way, soon. When I asked recently what you all were shopping for right now, I had a lot of requests for what to wear to a bachelorette party & a bride to be shopping guide, so I did round ups on those for you all. As always, keep the requests coming so I can be the best resource for you all & help you find what you need! XO


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  1. 2.28.20

    These are cute, thanks for the recommendations! Can’t wait to start wearing sandals now that the weather is getting warmer! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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