Acai ya later

Ah-sah-ee. Say it with me now. Acai is one of my true loves from my summer spent in Brazil. I’ve been scouring every place that claims they have Brazilian acai bowls since I’ve been home. They’re fine and all, but they just don’t


Basics don’t have to be

Basics don’t have to be basic or boring. Especially when you pair them with statement jewelry and when an alley full of graffiti walls are your backdrop. This alleyway, better known as Beco de Batman (or Batman alley)


Iguazu Falls travel recap + guide

Iguazu Falls has been named one of the seven natural world wonders and visiting will allow anyone to understand why. Iguazu Falls are the second largest in the world. The meeting of the waters serve as the border between Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.


Rio recap + travel guide

City meets beach town all with the Brasilian culture mixed in? Yes please. Rio quickly exceeded all of my expectations. I arrived to the view below and immediately felt like l needed someone to pinch me (or maybe even slap me). It felt so unreal to


Weekend recap: Guarujá, Brazil

Guaruja, Brazil recap from A Lo Profile

My first weekend was spent traveling to the beach in Brazil, in the city of Guarujá (Portuguese pronunciation, gwaɾuˈʒa), less than 55 miles (or 87 kilometers) from São Paulo. This city is


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