Lace up Sweater

I love sweaters with fun details. Wearing sweaters in the winter can get boring, so a fun lace up sweater or one with some fun back detailing will really help it be a little less tedious. I love the light purple color


The Sack Dress

Have you ever heard anyone say that someone is so cute they would look good wearing a sack? I don’t know about that, but I do think that an oversized dress is a must in every closet. Let me introduce to you to what I call the sack dress. Every


Maxed out

I love a good, flowy maxi dress. I couldn’t get enough of this dusty rose one I shared a few weeks ago and now I’ve moved on to this floral beauty. I love the high slit and


Gingham on Royal

Gingham is a pattern I’m back and forth on. It’s not like stripes (which I always love) or polka dots (which I don’t do). Sometimes I see it and die for the way it’s styled and others, I feel it looks over-done in a not so-good


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