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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day falls on a very special day this year… my birthday! Ha. I was actually born on Father’s Day so I always like to joke that since I can never top that one, that I don’t like to try &


Best from Bloomingdales


We all have our favorite retailers to shop at, right? I definitely do! Because so many of us have our ‘go to’ stores, I thought it would be a great idea to break down my


Gifts for the Health Conscious

Today I am sharing a roundup of gifts for those in your life who prioritize health & wellness. I definitely try to prioritize my health & loved rounding up some of these gifts to share. Below is a collage full of


Gifts for the Foodie

I 1000% consider myself a foodie. I love to eat, bake, cook, snack, eat out, eat at home. I just love food! Today’s gift guide is all about the person in your life who is like me. I’m sharing a collage of gifts


Gifts for the Kids

When I first put out my gift guides & asked if there were any missing, several people (including some of my girlfriends) reached out & told me I needed to include some gift ideas for kids. While I’m not an


Gifts for your Coworkers

I feel like coworkers can be tricky to shop for. You may not be spending as much on coworkers are you do on family members, but you still want to get them something that they will like & use. Personally, I think any


Gifts for the Workaholic

As I write this post and gift guide, I now wonder if perhaps I fall in this category, particularly as of late. Today’s blog post is for the workaholic. Although that’s the title, really, it’s gift that


Gifts for the Gym Rat

We all probably know a fitness buff. Plus, with the New Year less than two months away, fitness is about to be on everyone’s mind. Today, I’m sharing a roundup of the best gifts for the gym rat. I love getting


Gifts for the Tech Junkie

We all may fall into the category of tech lovers these days. Tech runs so many aspects of our life. It makes the day to day easier & more fun. Today’s gift guide is a great one for anyone. I’m sharing a


Gifts for your Furry Friend

Today I am sharing one of my favorite gift guides that I do each year! You all probably know our sweet rescue pup Maddie is the center of our life. I love spoiling her & the holidays are the perfect excuse to really


Gifts for the Homebody

Some days I am the biggest homebody & want to do nothing but be with my family at home in cozy clothes relaxing. I 100% have homebody days & nights, especially in the Winter. We all have a homebody in our lives,


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