Target Spring Favorites

Recently, I have found so many Target fashion deal & you guys have been loving them. The best part about Target is not only do they stay on top of current fashion trends, but it is also one of the most affordable stores out there! I love finding items that look great but also don’t bust my budget. They have great basic pieces to mix & match & lots of comfortable items to lounge in or work from home in. All of my favorites for spring & summer are below!

Flowy Dresses

Flowy dresses are a must for spring. You can wear them at home, on the back porch, for work with a jacket over, brunch – truly for any occasion! I have found a ton of comfortable dresses from Target this spring that I have been wearing around the house & on my back porch. Some of these look designer quality but they were actually some of the most affordable options I have bought this season. My favorites are below!

Dress // Sandals // Dress // Sandals // Jean Jacket

Dress // Sandals // Jean Jacket

Dress // Sneakers // Dress // Booties // Jean Jacket

Dress // Sneakers // Dress // Sneakers

White Dress // Sandals // Jean Jacket // Sneakers


This spring most of us are working from home which means loungewear & comfortable clothes are a must. For me, if I am not going to be wearing something out & about, it is great to not have to spend a ton of $$$ on it. One of my favorite finds this spring has been these loungewear items at Target. Some of my favorites are below!

Sweatshirt // Shorts // Sweatpants // Slippers // Sneakers

Jumpsuit // Sandals // Sweatshirt // Sweatpants // Sneakers

Sweatshirt // Jean Shorts // Sweatshirt // Sneakers

Shirt // Shorts // Tank Bra // Leggings // Jumpsuit // Sneakers

Affordable Blouses

Blouses that are appropriate for work/work calls & cute enough for date nights or dinner with friends are my fav. These four tops fit the criteria for all of the above & pair well with jeans, shorts, & all different types of shoe options. If you have watched my stories, I have been super impressed with the materials Target has used because they are good quality & are flattering. I rounded up some of my favorites below.

White Top // White Jeans // Heels // Black Top // Jeans // Sneakers

White Top // Jeans // Sandals // Black Top // Sandals


White Tee // Black Cardigan // Tan Cardigan // Jean Shorts // Sneakers

Graphic Tees

When I am hanging at home or running errands, I love a good graphic tee or sweatshirt. Target is one of my favorite places to stock up on them because they are always low-priced. I love buying tees about my favorite TV shows (Friends, The Office) & if you know me at all, you know that I love being a dog mom so this sweatshirt just seemed fitting.

Friends Tee // Jean Shorts // Dog Sweatshirt // Sneakers

Office Tee // Shorts // Tank // White Jeans // Sneakers

Pajama Set // Sandals // Biker Shorts // Shirt // Jacket

Shorts // T-Shirt // Jacket // Sandals // Shorts // Sweatshirt // Sneakers

Shorts // Shirt // Jacket // Sneakers // Tank // Shorts // Sneakers

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I hope you all loved seeing some of my recent Target favorites rounded up all in one post. I’ll add to this as I find more that I share online. You can always check my Target Instagram story highlight for videos of the most recent items to get a better idea of how they fit! Check out my blog posts with some top picks from a few of my other favorite retailers like Abercrombie & Urban Outfitters, too. Let me know what retailers you want me to do posts on next! XO


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    Love your outfits, you look so good! Thanks for the inspiration! ❤️✨

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