Ten Tips to Keep you Motivated

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It’s mid-February.. how ya doing on those New Years Goals? I made it through a January Whole 30, celebrated for a night, went back to it for two days, then took a weekend off. Now, I’m back to Whole 30-ish lifestyle but have included honey, maple syrup, agave, or other natural sweeteners. It just makes life easier and makes this more sustainable for me. I’m in wedding-prep mode so there are definitely some changes going on in my habits. Not only in regards to eating habits, but also in my workout habits.

I shared in this post about a trainer I’ve been working out with who has helped me make seemingly small adjustments that have a big impact. The key is that small changes over time lead to big results. The hard part? Patience. I’m so one of those people who does an ab workout and looks at their stomach like “Hello? abs where are you?” Patience is something I’ve been working on in a lot of aspects of life. I’ve learned that small changes day in and day out lead to new habits and that doing just a little at a time can help. You don’t necessarily have to go from junk food all day every day & not working out to eating like a rabbit and hitting the gym twice a day. Small changes matter! To keep the motivation alive, I’m sharing a few of my tips. I have these written down for myself in case I get in a rut, which letssss be honest, we all do. Below are my top ten tips for keeping you motivated to workout and be active.

  • Buy a new workout outfit

    Whether it’s shoes, leggings, a new sports bra or all of the above– getting excited about putting on your workout clothes can get you in the mood to get moving. Just like a new dress makes you extra excited for date night or a night with the girls, new activewear can help you get moving and feel good while doing it.

  • Go outside

    Sunshine and Vitamin D are proven to boost your mood. Add in endorphins from a workout and who wouldn’t want to feel that good? As it becomes Spring and the days get longer + warmer, I can’t help but want to get outside for walks, runs, or any sort of activity.

  • Grab a Buddy

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, a significant other, or your four-legged bestie. Using your workout as a way to spend time with someone else is a great way to keep it on your calendar and look forward to it. I look forward to my time after work walking my dog and spending time with her. Add in my fiancé or a friend and it’s the perfect way to exercise without realizing it. Walking while talking is not only a healthier alternative to catching up with a friend over cocktails, but its also free!

  • Schedule ahead of time

    I am a huge list maker and a planner, so if something is on my calendar, I will do what I can to ensure it happens. If I sign up for a class or a training session, or make a date with a friend to do something active together, then I’ll be much more likely to do it.

  • Try something new

    Sign up for a new class, take a new route on a walk or run, switch up your instructor, or try a different time of day. Sometimes the smallest switch can break you out of a rut and make you have a fresh outlook on it.

  • One day at a time

    I can’t help but disagree (usually silently) when someone says “one workout won’t make a difference.” Well, sure.. that one workout won’t give me a six pack or toned arms or make me meet a mileage goal when running. BUT, it does get me closer. It does help create a habit. And all those little efforts add up. So sure, that one workout might not get me to the end result, but if I applied that mindset each time, I may never get up and do it. Every little effort counts.

  • Find inspiration

    I know I’m not the only Pinterest lover out there. Type in ‘workout motivation’ in the search bar. You’ll get photos, workouts, quotes, meal ideas, etc. It might sound silly to some, but sometimes reading some motivational quotes is all the push I need to get going. It sparks something and makes me want to do better. The ones that really help are  liked or saved to help me out again later.

  • Make a playlist

    Music is so powerful. It has the ability to bring back memories, elicit emotions, and inspire. Throw on some 8 mile by Eminem and tell me you don’t wanna go for a jog. Try Beyonce’s 711 when doing some donkey kicks and tell you don’t push yourself to do a few more reps. Search for top workout songs or throw on a cardio station on Spotify or Pandora. It’s a great way to get moving and to push yourself through a workout when you’re feeling weak or like you can’t finish.

  • Prioritize

    Push dinner back an hour. Go somewhere you can wear workout clothes. Wake up a little earlier. Whatever it may be, make working out a priority, something you just do– like going to work, taking a shower, or brushing your teeth. If it’s important, you’ll make time for it. Otherwise, you’ll make excuses.

  • Put your money where your mouth is

    This one is often my last ditch effort, but sometimes you’ve just gotta make it more of a pain to skip a workout. Do you really want to pay $20 and get nothing out of it? Sign up for a class and don’t cancel it. You’re much more likely to go if you’ve invested in it.



These are just a few of my tips for keeping at it! You got this people. Get out there, get moving, and crush your goals. Today is the perfect time to start! Oh, and how insanely cute is my #1 workout buddy? I could not be more obsessed with her. #adoptdontshop XO


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  1. 2.12.17
    Lauren said:

    My New Year’s goal is still going pretty well because I signed up for my first 1/2 marathon. It’s pretty much the biggest motivation when I don’t want to run. LOL it’s either train for it or I will be paying for it on race day!

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