Things To Do At Home When You Are Bored

I think it’s safe to say that we all have times when we feel bored or wonder what we should do with a little time off. Maybe not, but regardless, it’s still nice to refresh our routines! Right now, when everyone is staying at home during these crazy times, I think it’s safe to say that we are all struggling with things to do at home when you are bored. I’m on day 10 or 11 over here (seriously losing count & am confused on what day of the week it is) & have felt myself wondering what I should tackle next a time or two. This has been a highly requested blog post from you all since quarantining began, so today I am rounding up a huge list & tons of resources of things to do at home when you are bored.

Providing a huge roundup of things to do at home when you are bored to help you stay entertained during our current extended time at home.

Things to Do at Home When You Are Bored

Below is a huge list + tons of resources for things to do at home when you are bored AKA your quarantine entertainment guide. There are SO many things, both productive & indulgent, that will help pass the time & help you fight off cabin fever.


This is my go to thing to do when I am feeling ‘bored’ or like I don’t have as much to do. I like to make sure all of my closets are cleaned out & organized & that everything has been de-cluttered. For me, this helps my mind feel more at ease like I actually can sit down & relax.


Why not get lost in a great book? We recently bought a hammock & going outside to read in our hammock is the most relaxing thing. It seriously helps me disconnect & feel like I got a little escape.


Go for a walk, try a new online workout class like this one, do a yoga flow, jump rope. Any sort of movement is great when you are feeling bored or even a little restless at home. It will get your mood up & it will make you feel so much more energized. There is so much great at home gym equipment you can get to help you get in a good sweat!

Play Games

Sometimes all you need is a good old fashioned game. No, not one on your phone! A real, hold in your hands card game or other fun game to try. Get your significant other or roommate involved, poor some wine, & make a night of it.

Try a New Hobby

If you’re anything like me you have a long list of hobbies or little things you’d like to pick up, but you feel like you don’t have the time. For me, this is simple things like making my own juices, growing an herb garden, or gardening outside. You can also work on your bucket list & plan some fun things to do down the road like an adventure out or a trip!

Self Care

Take a bubble bath with a new soak or scrub. Meditate. Get into essential oils & buy a diffuser (I just did this!). Journal things you are grateful for each day. These will give you something to do & make you feel SO much less stressed or anxious.

Switch Up Your Beauty Routine

Being at home is a perfect time to try a new face mask, work on bringing some life back into dry hair, or trying a new make up product. Watch a YouTube tutorial (try some of mine like how I curl my hair & my everyday eyeshadow tutorial) & then practice yourself! It can be so fun to switch it up & you can also get a refreshed look for when we can go out & about again.

Cook or Bake Something New

Nothing passes the time quite like cooking or baking! Plus, the end result is so rewarding. We all gotta eat, right? May as well try a new recipe you’ve been previously intimated by or try recreating a healthier version (or not) of a childhood favorite. There is no better time than when you have time to kill at home! I have a few recipes you can try like my go to kale salad, okra fries, buffalo cauliflower, or sole piccata.

Cozy Up on the Couch

Let’s face it, sometimes when you’re bored at home you just need to light a bunch of candles, put on comfy clothes, curl up with a blanket, & binge watch hours of TV or movies. Try one of my all time favorite TV shows or make your way through a curated list. We are currently watching the top 100 best movies of all time as rated by IMDB.

Providing a huge roundup of things to do at home when you are bored to help you stay entertained during our current extended time at home.

Providing a huge roundup of things to do at home when you are bored to help you stay entertained during our current extended time at home.

Haha the photo above of Olive cracks me up! I hope this list of things to do at home when you are bored helps you all while you’re at home so much right now. If you have any other ideas that I missed, please let me know so I can add it to the list! I hope you all stay well while at home. Be sure to check out some of my other recent content including 9 dainty jewelry brands I wear every day, my Melissa Wood Health review, my spring activewear guide, & my spring loungewear AKA at home workwear guide. XO


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    These are great ideas! I’m a huge fan of baking at home… it’s my favourite weekend activity when I’m staying in! ❤️✨

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