Top Blog Posts of 2019

I’ve had so much fun rounding up the best of 2019. I love to look back & reflect on years to plan for the year ahead. I think it’s so great to see what you’ve done well & what you can improve on. I shared my best purchases of 2019 by rounding up my top fifty things I got last year & loved. I also shared the best of 2019 by both clicks & sales based on what you all were interested on the blog & social media last year. I shared my top my blog posts of 2019 on stories, but I wanted to make a blog post out of it as well. First, I love having things docked on the blog for easy reference in the future. Secondly, I wanted to share a little more behind each post in case you missed any & want to read them now.

Top Blog Posts of 2019

Below I’m round up my top blog posts of 2019 featuring the top ten most visited posts this year. Some of these are new & some of these are oldies, but goodies that remain pretty popular. I’ve been focusing more on evergreen content for you all like this that I can update as needed, but that continues to provide value to you all.

Are we the only scared ones? Sharing my personal & candid input on why we are scared to have kids & what our plan is on having them (or not) moving forward.

Are We the Only Scared Ones?

I wrote this blog post in response to always getting asked if we are going to have kids & when. It’s a very personal question that I often think people ask without thinking. You never know what someone is going through, what their plan is, or how they are feeling. It’s a personal question, but I did want to address it so I wrote this post in response. It’s actually quite crazy how often people who don’t know you at all ask these sorts of questions! Someone at work the other day who I barely know just asked me, “When are you going to have a baby?” My thoughts are all in the post, but ultimately I was felt wondering, ‘Are we the only scared ones?

Sharing 10 tips for How to Prep for a Whole 30 from someone who has completed over ten Whole 30s. These tips will help you start on the right foot!

Whole 30 Essentials

This is a very popular post, especially this time of year during the January Whole 30. It’s also always popular when I complete one each August. I have completed over ten Whole 30’s & remember feeling overwhelmed when I first started, so I wanted to round up some of my favorite Whole 30 essentials for your kitchen to help make starting a Whole 30 a little easier. Even if you don’t plan to do one any time soon, you may find some new healthy alternatives in this post!

Tulum Outfit Recap

I shared my Tulum outfit recap rounding up each of the outfits I wore there on a trip we took over Christmas in December of 2018. I shared it last January & I guess you all were really looking for some spring vacation inspo because it was a very popular post! I really loved all of the looks I put together this trip. Honestly, everything around the house we stayed in was so gorgeous & photogenic that it made it really easy to get some great photos, too. I had just gotten a new camera lens, so Charles & I were having fun playing around with it.

My Chili Recipe

This is SUCH an old post. I really need to update the photos, but my chili recipe is so popular each year because it gets pinned a ton on Pinterest. It really is such a great go to recipe. I now make it vegetarian with either sweet potatoes instead of meat or just with black beans. You can easily modify it to make it Whole 30 approved, too. I highly recommend saving this one if you’re a chili lover!

30A Travel Guide including where to stay, where to eat, what to do, and travel tips when visiting Rosemary Beach, Seaside, or any other 30A Florida towns.

30A Travel Guide

Rosemary Beach, & really all of 30A in Florida, is such a popular travel destination so it’s really no surprise that my 30A travel guide was one of the most popular posts on the blog. I also included a 30A outfit recap with links to everything I wore on the trip. I always love your feedback on my travel posts! I truly put so much thought into them because I absolutely LOVE travel & sharing recommendations. I especially love good restaurant recs so I always include a ton of those. I have a ton of other travel guides for tons of destinations & will be adding more as I travel this year.

I am finally sharing my cloffice tour including tons of photos & a video showing you all the first room in A Lo Abode that I have finished decorating.

Cloffice Reveal

I was so very excited to share my cloffice reveal with you all. I also did a video tour! After we bought our home, this was the first room I ‘finished’ decorating in #aloabode, of course. I love how it turned out & I am so happy to have a space not only for my clothes, but to work. For so long I was running this little blog business from my couch & trying to keep endless boxes & products organized. It’s such a special space to me because of all of the hard work it represents & how inspired I am in it!

Sharing why I'm trying to be more plant based, how I feel since I've cut back on product, what I'm eating instead, and reasons for my decisions.

Why I’m Trying to be More Plant Based

This post was a long time coming, as this has been a transition I’ve been making for a long time. This post all about why I’m trying to be more plant based shares my background, why I started making changes, how I started making small changes, where I’m at today, & what my goals are going forward.

2019 Nordstrom Sale Outfit Ideas: Over 20 styled outfits with pieces from the Nordstrom Sale 2019 to give you some inspo for how to style your sale finds.

Nordstrom Sale Picks by Category

No surprise here really. You all LOVE some good Nordstrom Sale items. I wanted to share my Nordstrom Sale picks by category so you could shop everything you were looking for easily. While a lot of these may not be available any more, some of them are & are now marked down on sale again.

Sharing why I'm going filter free on Instagram stories this year in hopes to stop unrealistic comparison and keep it real.

 Filter Free

Last year at the beginning of the year, I decided I was going to go Filter Free on my Instagram stories. I felt like so many people were always using a ‘pretty filter’ where they smoothed their skin to look flawless, or that made their teeth really white, or just made things very unrealistic. I don’t like what that can do to someone’s mindset when they think that is reality. Now, luckily, it seems that Instagram was on the same page as me (although, a little behind haha) because now it tells you in the top left corner of stories when someone is using a filter. Of course, there are ways around this & there are still a ton of people who go around it to look perfect. I just want to keep my stories real. They are sort of the behind the scenes, reality show style peak into my life where my feed is more curated & the highlight reel. I asked last week about continuing to go filter free or not & got a lot of good feedback either way. If I do use filters going forward on stories, it will be clear & I’ll be sure you all know. To me, transparency is key.


I hope you all loved seeing the top blog posts of 2019. If you have any requests for blog posts or topics I can cover in 2020, please let me know. I am here to provide you all with valuable content that is helpful! I love to write, as it’s the way I’ve always expressed myself best, so I love putting blog posts together. Thanks for stopping by to read! XO


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