Two Years

Today marks our two year anniversary. We just finished a weekend in Vegas & are now in Park City celebrating together. Last year we went to Paris to celebrate our one year, but after buying/updating/decorating our house we decided we should do something a little less extravagant. We had never been to Vegas together despite both having gone several times with friends & neither of us had been to Utah, so we thought escaping the heat in Texas in beautiful Park City would be perfect!

If you’re new around here, we got married on 07.01.2017 in Florence, Italy. You can see all of our wedding posts + photos & watch our wedding video to get caught up on all the fun. It’s so fun to look back & relive our wedding day! Below I’m sharing one wedding photo & a look back at some photos of the both of us (& Maddie of course) over the past year.

I shared that we decided against a first look, so after our wedding ceremony, we took some quick family photos and then drove off to Piazzale Michelangelo to take our wedding photos as a couple. Piazzale Michelangelo is a lookout point up on top of a hill in Florence with a gorgeous panoramic view of the city. You can see the Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio, and more all from this location. As you'll see in our photos together, it is beautiful. It is also VERY crowded almost any time of day, so we were definitely fighting off crowds of people to get the shots!


In honor of two years of marriage I thought I would finally kick off a marriage or relationship series. Since we’ve been married two years I thought I’d share two fun facts on us as a couple & that we’d each answer two questions that you all submitted in the relationship question box I shared on Instagram stories. I’ll be doing posts about us more frequently, so feel free to submit questions or topics any time!

I’ll have another full post up later this week on a topic that a lot of you sent questions in on & I can’t wait to share because it’s very relevant given that we are currently traveling.

Sharing two fun facts about us & answering two questions you all submitted in honor of two years of marriage that we are celebrating today.

Two fun facts on us:


We both went to the University of Arkansas & essentially met a few years after college through mutual friends. We joke that Charles Facebook stalked me because we were friends online before really knowing each other in person first. We actually lived next door to each other for a whole summer in college, but didn’t hang out! We both had heard of each other, but didn’t really hang out until after college. Charles took my phone & texted himself from it so he’d have my number & we talked every day since.


We were together for almost six years before we got engaged. We moved in together for the first time when Charles had a work assignment in Brazil one summer & I used my time off in the summer to go down to South America with him. We lived together for the last two of those years. We’ve been together over seven years now.

Two Questions Answered:


Lauren: Charles is incredibly intelligent, laid back, & supportive. It’s hard to pick just three qualities about him that I would consider a favorite!

Charles: Just three? There’s so many. If I had to pick three it would be that Lauren is loyal, hardworking, & independent. Not too mention, she’s smokin’ hot.


Lauren: I like that Charles makes working out a habit. It’s motivating & I like that he prioritizes his health. I get annoyed that he eats five or six full meals a day without gaining weight & loves to eat granola or chips on the couch & is always dropping food. I also like that he is the budgeter of the household, but that is also annoying sometimes, haha.

Charles: I like that Lauren is very clean & organized, but that’s also the one that annoys me. She may get annoyed if I don’t keep things as clean & organized as she does. She’s always fluffing pillows & realigning things around the house.

I hope you all loved learning a little more about us & looking back at some photos from this year. I love when the hubs makes an appearance & you all seem to love it, too. I’m so excited to spend our next year of marriage further settling into our house & hopefully updating a few more things. We have some more fun trips we are planning to take per usual, too! I’ll save all the sappy stuff for the hubs, but I love taking today to look back & reflect because we are truly so lucky to have each other. XO


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  1. 7.1.19

    Such a fun Q&A! Happy anniversary! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. 7.1.19
    erika said:

    Congrats on two years! I wish you many more happy years together (:

    Erika Marie | https://imerikamarie.com

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