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Happy #WeddingWednesday, friends! Today I’m talking shoes. Next to the dress, this is quite a big decision for a shoe-lover like myself. Although surprisingly, I was able to decide on my wedding shoes much more quickly than I have been with the shoes for my rehearsal dinner. Truthfully, I pretty much knew which wedding shoes I wanted. When I first saw them, I kept them in mind and just bought them. I prefer an open toed shoe with a full length gown, so that narrowed it down. I also wanted something special, that just said ‘wedding.’ I’d say these Jimmy Choo beauties do the trick! I’m in loooove. I debated sharing them with you all early or making you wait, but I figured I’d give you a little something!

I considered just a few other shoes before making my final decision, but ultimately kept going back to these which stayed on my mind for so long after they initially caught my eye. You can shop my wedding shoes here.  Below are my runner up, honorable mention, etc. wedding shoes.

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Currently, I’m having a hard time choosing a rehearsal dinner shoe. Like, shout out to two of my besties who have probably looked at 30 pairs I’ve sent them on Gchat. While I’m going to make you wait to see what dress I’m wearing for the rehearsal dinner, making it a little tough to know exactly what sort of shoe might work best, I still want help from all of you deciding! Because my wedding shoe is so unique and more of a statement shoe, I want something for my rehearsal dinner that I’ll be able to wear again. I love a good statement shoe paired with jeans and a white tshirt, but I want to ensure I get good cost-per-wear for my rehearsal shoe since I may not get AS much future wear out of my wedding shoes. I’m breaking down my (current) top picks below. I’m checking websites every other day for new arrivals, so the ultimate choice may change! The ones I’ve included come in a wide variety of price ranges and styles, but the main theme is that I seem to be gravitating more towards white. My ultimate favorite shoe that I just can’t justify the price of is included below in the “I can’t spend a month of rent on shoes” category. First things first, my current (as of today, haha) front runners for my rehearsal dinner shoes.


I’ve seriously looked on every website I can think of and ruled out several for various reasons. While they may not ultimately be the one for me, they are beautiful shoes and might be just what you or a bride-to-be friend are looking for, so I’ve rounded those up below for you, too!

Let’s start with the “These costs a month’s rent” shoes. I’ve always been told I have champagne taste on a beer budget, so naturally I fell in love with a pair that are just a bit too much. The Renee Caovilla shoes pictured first are my dream. I’m obsessed. Like, I may have picked these for my wedding shoes even. But, the price unfortunately makes them a no go, as they reach the point that starts to make me question my decision making since I already bought a nice pair of wedding shoes. Each of these below is amazing, but just not what I’m willing to spend on my feet at this point for the rehearsal dinner.


Next up, the “Sorry I’m taller than you” and the “potentially too much of a statement” shoes. Five inches is just pushing it for me and will make me be the exact same height as my fiancé, which I don’t want. I typically stick to right at four inches because 1) I like the way they look best and 2) They tend to be more comfortable for continued wear. As far as the statement goes, my wedding shoes feel like a statement, so if I’m going to do another statement, I’d rather keep them all white to ensure I can wear them again.


The “But, I already bought metallic shoes” options. I love metallics, but was leaning more towards white since my wedding shoe has a metallic heel. Then, I wonder.. could you have too many metallics? For more formal events I feel like a silver or gold metallic heel will definitely get good use again. Plus, its always a fun way to dress up an otherwise neutral or all black outfit.

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The “Look, I bought expensive shoes” options. Do not get me wrong here ladies. I LOVE the design of Christian Louboutin shoes. They are stunning. The first pictured pair is actually a front runner for me in terms of design. However, I’m conflicted with them. Before purchasing, I’d want to be 100% sure there wasn’t any similar shoe without the bold red sole. Its one thing to me if you truly love the design of a shoe, but its another if you’re JUST buying a shoe because of the statement sole as a way to ‘show off’ or.. whatever you want to call it.  If I could buy a collection of them and they were more of an everyday purchase for me, I wouldn’t feel like I was screaming it, because it would just be what I bought. But, since they’d be a stand alone.. I’m conflicted. I’m currently back and forth and looking more at other brands or designers that feel a little more understated. There are a few black pairs that I’d probably get if they came in white, and truly a few pairs I really really love, so I won’t totally rule them out and will keep checking back. But, unless I decide to go with a red lip for my rehearsal dinner, where I could tie in the red sole of the shoe, I probably won’t end up with one of these pairs.

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Finally, the “ughhh why don’t these come in white?” shoes. Anyone else play designer when they are shopping? Like, can you imagine those black and pink Saint Laurent shoes below in all white or white with a blush bow? I’m dying over the idea. Saint Laurent, if you’re out there, can you make those for me? Or Mr. Blahnik, if you could make those pink and black beauties in all white, I’d reallllly appreciate it! I’ll keep a watch in case they come out as Summer approaches, but until then, I’ll just dream of them in other colors in my head.

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Which one of my front runners is your favorite?! I’d love to know! Or do you have another one that you love most? Comment below, DM me on Instagram, send me an e-mail, Facebook me, or whatever. I just want to know your vote to help me decide which shoe! I’d love to know why you chose that one, too.

I know not everyone wants to or can splurge so much on wedding shoes or rehearsal dinner shoes. So, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite more affordable options that I think could be worn for either a wedding or a rehearsal dinner! I want this to be a place EVERYone can shop, so I think this ultimate shoe guide definitely needs to include shoes to dream over, but also that you can ultimately purchase.

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If anyone is having trouble finding a wedding shoe or a shoe for another wedding event and needs more options than listed here, please reach out! I’m happy to help and obviously LOVE shoes and shoe shopping, even if its not for myself!

Tonight I am actually going to event for Jimmy Choo at Stanley Korshak here in Dallas where you can custom design your own shoe including the style, fabric, and even getting initials or a special date included. If you are in Dallas, stop by! I’ll definitely be playing around and seeing if I can come up with my own perfect shoe at the event or if I can ultimately decide on one! Sometimes a little champagne helps the decision making process! Hope you all are having a fabulous hump day. Don’t forget to let me know what your top pick from my favorites or any of the options above is for my rehearsal dinner shoe by commenting or reaching out. Y I need your help!! XO


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  1. 5.3.17
    monic said:

    Those heels are GOREGOUS!

    Simply Sutter

  2. 5.3.17
    Kelly said:

    Those Jimmy’s are beauties and I can’t wait to see what you pick next!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. 5.4.17

    Those shoes are sooo gorgeous!! Enjoy your event at Jimmy Choo!

  4. 5.4.17
    Greta said:

    Your wedding shoes are GORGEOUS! You have so many fab options for a rehearsal dinner shoe. I don’t know if I could pick just one!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  5. 5.5.17

    Your Jimmy Choos are amazing! That event sounded like so much fun!

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