Wedding Band Shopping with Robbins Brothers

What girl doesn’t love sparkly things?! Whether you’re more of a dainty jewelry kind of girl or if you fall more on the statement jewelry end, any girl loves her some bling. When you get to add in diamonds, it only gets better! Today’s post is alllll about diamonds, or rather, our experience with wedding band shopping with Robbins Brothers.

We didn’t go shopping for engagement rings together, so ring shopping when we went to pick out our wedding rings was a first time experience for us! It was such a fun one, too. Let’s start with a little background. 

I knew what kind of engagement ring I wanted. I gave pretty specific details to my best friend and my future sister-in-law.  A fun fact related to my engagement ring, and one that was a secret until now, is that one day after a few glasses of champagne, my best friend took me to Robbins Brothers in Dallas a year and a half ago to try on some rings. I was confident about what I wanted, but she wanted me to be sure I liked the way the shape and style I wanted looked on my hand. They have the biggest selection of engagement rings under one roof so we figured it was the perfect place to start! It was. I was able to be extra sure on what I wanted and my friend and SIL were able to help guide Charles in the perfect direction to custom design my dream ring. I typically navigate more towards gold jewelry, but when it came to my engagement ring I wanted it to be silver.

When it came time to shop for wedding bands, I knew I wanted to do a stack of bands so I could easily incorporate gold, while still being able to have something that went with my engagement ring. When I hear of stacks, I most often hear of people saying that they get them for anniversaries or after they have a child or two. For me, I know I want a stack now, so I want the stack now. I’m definitely more of the “why wait?” mentality, so I wanted to go ahead and do a stack of bands now. I’ll blame it a little on my OCD, but to even it all out, I wanted four bands. Yup. Four. Two gold with a vintage twist and two classic diamond bands. My fiancé laughed and was saying even two right now would be more than what people typically do. I kept strong on my mentality and picked out my two gold bands (stay tuned for more on those!). Next up, the classic diamond bands. 

We went in to Robbins Brothers one evening after work together to shop for my (two) classic diamond bands and his wedding band. I already knew what a big selection they had after the fun afternoon I spent there with my girlfriend, so I knew we would find our rings there without a problem! We were asked who wanted to go first and my fiancé suggested I start because he’d be really easy and simple. I’ll preface this by saying when I know what I’m looking for, I can veto options that ‘aren’t’ it rather quickly to get down to what I’m looking for. I quickly narrowed it down to two or three and ended up between two skinny bands with smaller diamonds that would be perfect for stacking. There was an almost unnoticeable difference between the two, so we moved on two Charles. I will forever laugh at, and reference, how many rings we went through to find his and the fact that he landed on one that was three or four times what he assumed he would spend on his ring. I’m laughing typing this, because he is so relaxed and chill, making the experience all the more entertaining. Deciding between hammered vs. not hammered metal, gold detail or not, thickness, and metals made for a much longer than anticipated process on his end.

I’m so glad we went to a store with SO many options to ensure we could find just we wanted. Browsing around really showed us that no matter what you’re looking for, you can find a style that fits your price range. They were so sweet from start to finish. From making sure we had a little cocktail, to cleaning my engagement ring for me to be sure it looked it’s best as I found bands that looked great with it, to finalizing the details and updating us with the status along the way. The whole experience was so great and I love the story we’re coming out with from it. We also love our rings! All of them. I even found a few others I wouldn’t mind having for my right hand one day! Haha and no, I’m not joking. Those who helped us at the store were so great and patient as they helped us find what worked well for us. We’ll definitely be back to Robbins Brothers the next time we need a little bling in our lives! We pick up our rings this week and I can’t wait for both of us to wear them after we say our vows in just a little over two weeks!!

A few tips on shopping for wedding bands?  Browse online before you go in. There are SO many options and getting somewhat of an idea of what you want will help. Go in with an open mind, sometimes things look different on your hand or with your engagement ring than you thought. It just takes a few seconds to slip on a ring and see if it looks good or not. Also, know your budgets when you go in! Finally, don’t wait! If you know what you want a stack one day, and you can make it happen now, go for it. I love the idea of jewelry as a way to represent a special occasion or milestone, but think that’s a fun way to add in other jewelry later– whether that’s for my right hand, a necklace, or earrings. You can never have enough jewelry in my book!

This post was brought to you in partnership with Robbins Brothers. We received our wedding bands c/o Robbins Brothers to share our experience with you all and in exchange for promotion on A Lo Profile. All opinions, as always, are my own. Partnerships like these help make A Lo Profile possible.


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  1. 6.15.17
    Vanessa said:

    Thank you so much for sharing this post! The pictures are beautiful! My fiancé got my engagement ring from Robbins Brothers as well. After he proposed we went back to get it resized and engraved and I was so happy with the service there. Now we’ll have to decide on wedding bands as well. I really like your idea with the stacks. I can’t wait to pick out our wedding bands.


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