Wedding Show Weekend

Hi friends! Happy #WeddingWednesday. This week, I’m talking all about wedding shows. You may or may not have ever been to one or even heard of them, so I’m sharing how they can be such a great thing for a bride-to-be to attend. Plus, I’m talking about how you can win $10,000 towards your dream wedding. YUP you read that right! What a difference that could make in the planning process.

Let’s start by talking about WHY you should consider attending a wedding show.

  • You can experience the venue: you’ll be able to envision a few venues and will be able to see their ceremony and reception site’s and how the decor, food, etc could be there based on photos of past events. This would definitely help you narrow down your top locations if you aren’t sure.
  • You can meet private event teams: there will be so many vendors and you can talk to people who might actually be on your event team. The average wedding takes between 6 and 12 months to plan, so you may end up spending quite a bit of time with these people. It’s good to know you like them!
  • Learn the trends: you can see what is in style for the upcoming wedding seasons and see which, if any, you want to incorporate.
  • Meet vendors: same as with your private event teams, these are THE people who will be there on your wedding day. Get to know them and see who you connect with.
  • Get deals and discounts: There are so many drawings, deals, and other great incentives at wedding shows! It’s definitely a good time to try and save money.

Plus, my biggest reason for attending- you can get SO much done in one day. I think about how many phone calls and emails booking some things took and I can’t imagine how amazing it would be to get to ask those questions back and forth in person and get an immediate response. It would save so much time and guessing and you could all the big things done in one day potentially! 

Even if you already have your venue booked, a wedding show is a great thing to attend because you can also plan or get ideas or contacts for the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, engagement party, or even a post-wedding brunch.

I obviously couldn’t attend a wedding show to plan out my destination wedding. BUT, if I was having a wedding locally or even anywhere I think it would be such a  great way to get some face-to-face time with vendors, get questions answered, and get some planning crossed off the list. 

On March 11th & 12th, over 40 country clubs & golf courses will host wedding shows across the nation. Join in for #WeddingShowWeekend2017 & enter to win $10,000 as a GRAND PRIZE towards your dream wedding. They are also giving away $10,000 in additional prizes during the event for attendees. If you want to attend and find out which shows are closest to you, head to www.countryclubreceptions.com/wsw/ to enter! If you are in the DFW area (Heeyyyy Dallas!) then the venue in the area is The Tribute in the Colony.
This post was brought to you by Country Club Receptions to help promote the Wedding Show Weekend. All opinions are of course, my own. Sponsored posts like this help make A Lo Profile possible!


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