White Jumpsuit + Denim Jacket


Here I am with another jumpsuit, #cantstopwontstop. If you haven’t tried adding jumpsuits to  your wardrobe yet just do it already. You guys, its a one stop outfit, but totally versatile. I threw a denim jacket (the best of all time might I add) over this one, but before I settled on this look I had this paired with sandals and a hat, sneakers, and even stiletto heels. You have so many options with jumpsuits. I’ll dream of wearing this one to dinner on a vacation in the future, but for now, it’s perfect for so many other occasions.

This jumpsuit is currently on SALE and has been selling so quick. Because I think a good white jumpsuit is a necessity for Spring/Summer, I’m including some of my other current favorite options below.

This was my backup for during the day on my bachelorette party and would be so cute for a shower or other wedding event if you’re a bride-to-be. Otherwise I think it’s perfect for vacation or just a good night out! Sometimes I have trouble with rompers or jumpsuits because I have a long torso, but sometimes sizing up one solves the problem and lets them work for me and makes them even more comfortable!


My Monday seemed to fly by yesterday! I was super busy at work and then immediately followed work up with a good workout. I came home to about 12 packages that took me forever to open, put away, and break down the boxes. After that I cooked dinner and worked on some blog things while watching television. Unfortunately I counter balanced my workout by eating almost an entire dark chocolate almond bar, but.. whatever, #balance and #monday. Plus, I at least didn’t have wine with my chocolate so there is something. Although, now I’m not sure why I didn’t. haha. I luckily don’t have too much going on during the weeknights this week, but next week is crazy so I’m trying to get as ahead on things as I can! Be sure to check back here tomorrow for Wedding Wednesday, I have a post I am oh so excited to share with you all of the best gift everrrr! Hope you are having a wonderful week so far. Thanks for stopping by! XO


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