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When I bought this marble print workout set, one of my friends asked if I was crazy because white often makes you look bigger. This may be why you see SO many black workout outfits. I’m a fan of black, always, especially with workout gear, but I wanted to switch it up. One, I love marble anything. Plus, white for Spring is just fresh and happy. But, finally, when I’m in the gym working my butt off (literally) I want to stay motivated. If my thighs look a little bigger cuz I’m in a white workout outfit, whatever. It’s just motivation to keep going. Truly, I don’t think I notice a big difference though. Of course, black is slimming. But the material of these is so flattering and holds everything in with just the right amount of give. I think white workout gear is a must for your athleisure wardrobe this Spring and Summer! Because of that, I’ve rounded up my favs for you to shop below at the end of this post, so be sure to scroll down to the end after the new circuit workout I’m sharing!

Be sure to grab this white marble look ASAP, as this exact print has been flying out of stock. They’ve done some restrocks already because it has been so popular (for good reason.. I’m obsessed), so if your size is sold out, check back! I’ll be monitoring for restocks, too so stay tuned on Instagram.

Stay tuned for a complete new workout, soon! I’ve revamped my arm + chest workout to get wedding dress ready and will be sharing it with you all in the next few weeks. Let me know if there are other workouts you want to see, too. In the mean time– here’s a new circuit to add into your mix to hold you over.

  • Run 2 mins
  • 20 pushup twists
  • 25 inner-thigh circles clockwise/counter clockwise on each leg
  • 25 stretch and crunch

Running: When you run, run at no incline on the treadmill (or outside!) at a speed of about 6.0. This will get your heart rate up and going!

Pushup twists: Start in a standard pushup position with your abs tight (I do this on the edges of the  treadmill after I pause it). Do a pushup, then when you return to having your arms extended fully, twist or rotate to one side, raising your arm in the air as you do. You should end up with your arm reaching up towards the sky. Return to the pushup position and continue until you complete ten on each side.

Inner-thigh circles: Lay on a mat or on the ground on one side. Cross your outer or top leg over the other so the top leg is bent and the bottom is out straight. Move the bottom leg in small circles clockwise 25 times, then counter clock wise 25 times. Imagine yourself making a circle around a small object while doing this, keeping your leg straight and tight. Turn on the other side and repeat.

Stretch and crunch: lay in a sit-up position on your back with your legs bent (feet flat) in front of you. Stretch your arms out over your head until you feel a stretch in your abdomen. Pull yourself up to do a crunch, reaching for the ceiling. Return to the starting position with your arms stretched out above your head and continue until you do 25.

Anddd now for my fav white workout looks for Spring & Summer:


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Let me know your favs! XO


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