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When I first did the Whole 30 about six years ago, it was relatively unknown still. There weren’t cookbooks and dedicated blogs and there definitely weren’t many ‘approved’ premade food items. I was making my own ketchup, ranch dressing, and almost everything else from scratch along the way. Fast forward to now and not only the Whole 30 extremely popular, but it’s easier. I can often tell someone I am doing a Whole 30 without having to explain every detail of what it is because they’ve likely heard of it or can research more on their own. I can buy premade condiments, sauces, and foods without spending hours on end in the kitchen making them. I think the more convenient you can make your Whole 30, the more successful you’ll be. Today, I’m sharing some of my Whole 30 essentials. These items are things I love having on hand not only during a Whole 30, but have become kitchen staples that we almost always keep on hand.

If I had a dollar for every minute I spent making so many of these items you can now buy or for every moment spent reading a label in the grocery store before the ‘Whole 30’ stamp of approval existed, I’d be happy. Whatever! I’m just glad that so many people have learned what I have from doing the Whole 30 and that it is so popular now that it makes it easier and more accessible for everyone to do! Having products readily available allows you to make true lifestyle changes rather than just focusing on these changes for 30 days. More on that in a post to come soon though!


Sharing my Whole 30 essentials and what I shop for including store bought salad dressings, snacks, sauces, helpful kitchen supplies, and more!


I kind of want to laugh at the memory of myself making Whole 30 compliant ketchup and mayo myself in a food processor when I did my first Whole 30. I specifically remember missing BBQ sauce the first few times and wishing for a compliant recipe to come along. Voila! Here we are with so many options you can buy now. These mayos and mustards are the only ones I keep around now. I love other ones when I’m not on the Whole 30, too or may utilize ones that are made with agave nectar.

Some of my favorite brands like Primal Kitchen, Tessamae’s, and My all time favorite condiment– Frank’s Red Hot Sauce– is even approved!


You’ll learn to love this brand on the Whole 30! I use their ketchup and BBQ sauce as my favorite condiments during the Whole 30. They just came out with a compliant mayo that I haven’t tried yet, but since everything they make is amazing I am sure it is, too.


Frank’s red hot sauce is my all time favorite condiment and I was beyond excited during my first Whole 30 to learn that it was compliant. I put it on any and everything and include it in tons of recipes like my compliant chili recipe.


I discovered these in Whole Foods one day and had to buy them. They are really good sauces and include everything from BBQ to buffalo.


I love this brand so much! They make tortillas and chips that are technically compliant, but are recommended to stay away from (especially the chips), but their hot sauces have become a staple for us. They have several different flavors and we honestly love them all.


These are my go to mayos when on the Whole 30. I love both the regular made with avocado oil and the chipotle. I use this in my tuna salad recipe that is one of the things I make the most when on the Whole 30 because it’s so darn good and easy!


This is my favorite relish that I also use in my tuna salad. It’s delicious! It is more expensive than your typical relish, and even though I have found some that are technically compliant, I prefer that this one just includes a few ingredients. They make great pickles, too!


I love Annie’s for so many things on the reg, but their mustard’s are my favorite during the Whole 30. We keep both the yellow and dijon on hand all the time.

Sharing my Whole 30 essentials and what I shop for including store bought salad dressings, snacks, sauces, helpful kitchen supplies, and more!


I like to keep a few premade salad dressings on hand so I can quickly throw a meal together in a pinch. Plus, as much as I’m down to make my own, it saves so much time to have it already made and ready! A few of my favorite brands are rounded up below and I included some of my personal favorite specific dressings that are Whole 30 approved.


Primal Kitchen is easily found at Whole Foods and other health food stores or in the health food aisle. Their site also has a few packs where you can order several approved dressings and condiments together.


Tessamaes is carried at tons of grocery stores now including Kroger and Whole Foods. If you can’t find a particular dressing flavor you want, you can check their site or Amazon. They have a few Whole 30 packs where you can order several dressings and/or condiments together.

Some of these now come in to go packs for when you’re out and about, which is the best thing ever, or I’ve never been shy about about bringing my own in a plastic to go container.

Sharing my Whole 30 essentials and what I shop for including store bought salad dressings, snacks, sauces, helpful kitchen supplies, and more!


Drinks along the way while doing a Whole 30 are important so you aren’t just bored of water. I really only drink water, kombucha, juices and tea or coffee (outside of alcohol when I’m not on the Whole 30), so the below are things you’ll always find in our kitchen!


This is the main brand of nut milks we buy. I love the almond milk and the coconut almond milk the most! I used to just be able to find this at Whole Foods, but have seen it at other stores like Kroger as of lately, too. Califa Farms also makes dairy free creamers that I love and that are compliant, too. I love the Vanilla and Hazelnut flavors the most. They also make a black and white coffee that is approved that is delicious.


I love juices as a way to get in more fruits and veggies and for an easy and nutritous option on the go. Suja is my go to brand, but there are so many good ones out there! Not every flavor is complaint, but the majority of the green ones are, which are my favorite. I also love the Fuel one! Check the labels to be sure, but there are lots of great options and these have become more and more popular so they are easy to find.


I legit drink one of these six days a week. They are sugar free brand, so that is why I love them. There are so many good flavors and you can find them at so many different places. Sometimes I pour them in a wine glass while I’m on the Whole 30. My favorite flavors are: Watermelon, Gingeraid (I use this one when not on the Whole 30 to make a skinny moscow mule), Gingerberry, and Triology. I also love their seasonal ones! Triple check all the labels, but every one I’ve ever checked is compliant. Kombucha does naturally contain alcohol and is made with sugar, but it is compliant. You can read the official stance on kombucha from Whole 30 here.


The answer to all of your coffee creamer needs. I love these! Especially when I use my milk frother to get some good foam for a latte. The peppermint mocha flavor this time of year (yes, even after Christmas) is my favorite! I like french vanilla the best on the day to day. I always keep these stocked in our kitchen.

Sharing my Whole 30 essentials and what I shop for including store bought salad dressings, snacks, sauces, helpful kitchen supplies, and more!


Unfortunately, not the kind where you get cocktails. I mean the lovely, prepacked food kind of bars. I swear there are some days on the Whole 30 that I only survived because I had an approved bar on hand. I’ll do a whole post of on the go foods and snacks, but because they are the easiest snack or on the go food that last the longest in terms of expiration, I consider them one of my Whole 30 essentials. Bars should be used with caution as you don’t want them to be a ‘dessert’ or something that is too close to a sweet for you! Also, if you’re watching carbs, look closely at some of the labels.


These are definitely the bars I reach for the most. I love how simple they are and they are truly delicious. Almost every flavor, minus the ones with peanut butter, are approved. I really love the kids ones for on the go snacks, too. These make a great snack or I love them as a part of my lunch.


This is one of the latest brands of bars I’ve discovered. They are made in Texas, which I love, and have some really delicious flavor combinations. The nut and seed line and a few other flavors are Whole 30 compliant.  The apple pie kids bars are actually my favorite!


These are legit the reason I survived my first few Whole 30s. These are probably the sweetest Whole 30 approved things you can have, so eat them with caution. They can be really sweet so if you’re a candy or dessert lover, just be careful on how and when you enjoy them.

Epic is another brand that makes Whole 30 approved bars, but I don’t really eat them (except for the lemon flavor) because they have meat in them, which I haven’t been eating for awhile now. They are another great option for on the go food though!

Sharing my Whole 30 essentials and what I shop for including store bought salad dressings, snacks, sauces, helpful kitchen supplies, and more!


Sauces on hand are the secret to quick and easy meals that don’t require a ton of prep. I love throwing some of these over zoodles with my protein of choice or cooking a protein or veggies in them. I’m rounding up my favorite sauces for you all below!


I searched repeatedly trying to find a brand like Yai’s when I finally discovered them. I have created so many amazing dishes with their sauces! I love using their almond sauce for zoodles pad thai and their chili sauce is so good on shrimp! We use the curry sauce a few times a month year round, too. It’d be so good to use the premade curry sauce for coconut salmon curry.


This is really the only marinara or tomato basil sauce I buy. I love Rao’s SO much. Not every one of their sauce are Whole 30 approved, but tons of variations are. I use it for my mushroom bolognese!


Bless you, Seggiano. They make the most amazing basil pesto sauce! They have a few other pesto sauces that are delicious and compliant as well, but the basil is my favorite and I always have some on hand at home. Use it in this pesto zoodles recipe.


If you find yourself cooking anything asian style or eating out at a sushi restaurant, this is a life saver. I use it in TONS of recipes and keep it on hand at all times. I honestly haven’t bought real soy sauce in years and even when I’m not doing a Whole 30 I bring the little packets of this out with me to use instead at sushi restaurants.


A variety of oils and vinegars on hand is important for day to day cooking of proteins, veggies, or for making your own dressings, condiments, or sauces. There are TONS of compliant brands, but one of my favorites is Primal Kitchen, which I talked about above. I like to keep olive oil, balsamic vinegar, coconut oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, apple cider vinegar, and sesame oil.


There are more than just sauces that keep things easier during the Whole 30. Anything that saves time is a win for me! I use the below to save me time or to keep my ingredients lasting longer. Click on any of the items below to shop.


If you haven’t read the Whole 30 books, I own most of them and find them helpful. I love all the recipes, info and background, and reasoning behind the program. I’m linking them for you below!

I hope this post is helpful to you all! Whether you just started a Whole 30, are planning to do one soon, or just want to clean up your kitchen a bit, these are great and clean brands with delicious products that I love to use. Be sure to check out all of my Whole 30 related posts including a major throwback all about why I did it, my favorite recipes, and all of my Whole 30 approved recipes. Be sure to let me know if you have any specific requests for content related to Whole 30 or recipes you want me to try and modify to make Whole 30! XO

PS– I apologize for the quick, not well lit iPhone photos for this blog post. I know many of you are looking for Whole 30 information now so I wanted to go ahead and get it up. I’ll take better photos for it and update it soon, promise!


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