Sunshine at The Parker

A Lo Profile: yellow maxi dress for Summer at The Parker hotel in Palm Springs.CLICK BELOW TO SHOP THE LOOK

I can’t remember the last time I wore yellow. I’m veryyy picky when it comes to this color. I don’t like pastel yellows and I’m more picky about the fabric than normal. When I saw this maxi dress, not only did I immediately think it was the perfect shade of yellow, but I loved the fabric. As I clicked for a close up, I noticed the subtle feather pattern, which adds texture and dimension to this, which I love. Another perk? The slit. It’s just enough to give this dress a subtle sexy vibe. The back is lower, too (scroll down to the end of this post to see), which makes it gorgeous from any view. 

I’ve been to The Parker before during my last visit to Palm Springs. We had brunch at one of their restaurants, Norma’s and I knew I wanted to return. Not only is this hotel a must visit, but the food at the restaurant was amazing. It was and is the best tuna salad sandwich I’ve ever had. Plus, the lobster mac and cheese is to die for. A cure for any extra long pool day + night full of wine! If you’re there when it’s hot out, I’d request a table inside to be most comfortable. We definitely had a day with lots of sunshine at The Parker, which made for a slightly sweaty brunch! Or shall I say glistening? Southern girls don’t sweat. We glisten! Haha either way, it was worth it for the delicious brunch.

Last time I visited, we were able to walk the grounds and get a peek at the amazing pool lined with yellow and white umbrellas and see their precious Lemonade Bar. Unfortunately, I think one too many people wandered the grounds when they weren’t staying at the hotel, so now there is a concierge standing between the main hotel area and restaurants and the rest of the grounds to check if you are a guest. We couldn’t sneak past him, so we didn’t get any other shots. The lobby is stunning still though! Jonathan Adler designed this hotel and it is just SO perfectly modern meets retro. The famous lips prints lining the stairs, to the ‘DRUGS’ sign in the lobby, and the adorable little closet style bar on the way to the restaurants.. its all perfection. Something about Palm Springs makes me feel like I’m traveling a little bit back in time and I am inspired by all things 60s (quite possibly my favorite fashiond time period). When I return here one day with Charles, I want to stay here at least for a night to soak it all in and fully explore the grounds. It’s a must for a meal at the very least!

I had the beautiful orange front door with the white detail surrounding it (which is something you really just have to see in person to see how gorgeous it is) when shopping for my outfit this day. I saw this yellow dress and knew it would be perfect. The yellow and orange both provide the perfect compliment and contrast to one another. Plus, the nicer silk fabric fits perfectly with the vibe of The Parker.


When I got back, I saw that they now make this print in several options. There is a mini dress (want.. NOW) and two piece set including a crop top and a wide legged pant. I’ve linked them all for you above! Please someone buy the mini dress right now and let me borrow it. TOO cute!

It’s Charles’ birthday today! I love celebrating people and especially him. We are in our first week of a Whole 30, so we’ll be cooking at home and having a low key night. He has requested steak, my Whole 30 approved mashed potatoes, and brussels sprouts. A chill celebration, indeed, but we have TONS of upcoming celebrations next month so we’ll definitely make up for it.

Thanks for stopping by! XO

Photos by Vanessa from The Retro Penguin


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  1. 5.28.17
    Abby said:

    I love yellow for spring/summer. This is such a gorgeous shade and dress s – and of course, that slit!

    Abby | Life in the Fash Lane

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