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Sharing why you are more and why I chopped my hair including why I was previously scared of haircuts and why I feel so empowered now.I’m excited to finally have some images to share with you all of my hair cut! If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, then you’ve probably noticed (and heard me talking about) my new ‘do. I wanted to share some of the thought that went into cutting my locks, perspective it has given me, and a hopefully provide a little inspo for you all today.

I had a post written in my mind for awhile about what you can do when you get bored with your hair besides cutting it. To sum it up: you can change up the color, the part, wear it up more often, change out your tools,  add some layers, and update the styling products you use. Something as simple as using a 1 inch barrel or a 1.25 inch barrel could make me feel a little refreshed when I was feeling bored with my long hair. I’m lucky enough that my sister-in-law is a hairdresser and happens to be amazing at her job (her name is Jessica and she’s at Chad Rookstool if you want her expertise on your own mane), so she would always know just what to do with my color or cut to keep it interesting for me. It’s been several years of feeling bored and I’ve tried all of these options time and time again! I kept wanting something different.

I had pretty long hair for the past 12-15 years. There were times here and there it was a little shorter than others, but generally it was long. It’s been really long for the past four or five years. The last time I had short hair I was in 8th grade, which was a reaaaallly awkward time for me. I know, middle school is awkward for most, but I feel like I just really delve deep into the awkward years. I also stayed in my awkward phase seemingly longer than most, but whatevs. In hindsight, I’ll take that over peaking in high school! (Insert tongue out, winking emoji here). I specifically remember going in to get a hair cut, asking for a ‘trim’ and the lady at Supercuts (#dontjudge) who spoke little English thought I said ‘chin’ and well, ya. I went out to the car and was bawling, because I had lost like 7-8 inches of hair. This was a special time when I didn’t really know what a straightener or anything was, so there was no hope but to wait until it grew out. Clearly, I was scarred from this experience and slightly terrified of haircuts. Okay, terrified is a little dramatic, especially coming from someone who works in Psychology, but I’m sticking to it for emphasis.

Here’s some #tbts for proof. Rough, right? Baha on the left apparently someone thought I was a ‘cutie’. It must have been my puka shell necklace. Ha! My bestie, Shauna is to my right in the photo of all the cheerleaders on the right. We survived our awkward, reaaaall speshul hair years together!

Since I continued to crave change, I was toying with the idea of taking the post-wedding hair chop to a new extreme and having my sister-in-law chop it the morning after our wedding. I decided to skip this plan in case I freaked out, because that would have been a big buzz kill! Since then, I’ve still wanted to change it up and cut it off. We cut off four-ish inches just before I went to New York for fashion week, but it quickly grew back and I was still feeling like I wanted something more.

I hear a lot on Instagram about my hair. In fact, I think that has been one of my most commented about and asked about things! I have had moments where I wondered, ‘Am I only pretty because of my hair?’ or ‘Do they only like me for my hair?’ This really got me thinking about how similar thoughts can happen in SO many aspects of our life. Hear me out.

I started thinking about all the things we find interesting, both about ourselves and others. I think we’re drawn to others, both physically and emotionally, for two main reasons. They either complement us (i.e. have a similar quality) or they are something we strive for (i.e. have a quality we want or hope to have). Obviously, someone’s appearance is the first thing we notice about them in most scenarios. We tend to look at a photo before we read the caption, which made me think even more. We are so quickly defined by our appearance. Especially today when everything is visual, instant, and out there for all the world to see. It may because of an attention-grabbing feature we have (whether that is positive or negative) or because of our weight, height, hair, clothes, etc, we are a society focused on appearance. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m into it, too. I obviously love clothes and put thought into what I wear and how I look. I am one of those girls who does get up and gets ready for work. I love makeup, skincare, etc. BUT, I don’t want to be completely defined by my appearance. Sure, appearance is the first thing we see, but from there, people are so much more. I am more. I more than my hair, so who cares if I cut it? If someone does, they aren’t seeing everything else I am. Also, hair grows, so.. there’s that.

Sharing why you are more and why I chopped my hair including why I was previously scared of haircuts and why I feel so empowered now.

I wanted to reflect and include some positive thoughts not related to appearance and encourage you to do the same. Think about something you may be ‘hiding’ behind as an identity and think of what you are more than. A few examples? I am more than someone who is in shape. I am more than someone who is overweight. I am more than a mom. I am more than a nurse. I am more than single. I am more than a wife. I am more than a parent of a child with a disability. I am more than someone in debt. I am more than someone with money. I am more than the number on Instagram. I am more than a student. The possibilities are endless. YOU ARE MORE.

For me, it’s simple for today: I am more than my hair (and while we’re at it, my appearance). I am hardworking, driven, loyal, intelligent, inquisitive, and organized. I am creative, willing to learn, passionate, thoughtful, and honest. And heck, maybe I even have more about my appearance going for me than my hair. I mean, I do have really good nail beds (a little light-hearted Mean Girls reference, because.. #duh). I am an influencer, but I am also a School Psychologist who works hard with children with disabilities. I am a daughter and a friend, but I am also a wife and a coworker. Each of these define parts of my life and make up who I am. They do not define who I am.

Taking time, whether it be daily or even monthly, to reflect on your strengths and positives about you are important! It can really make you feel empowered, encouraged, and you just may learn a little something about yourself. I feel a completely new sense of confidence and empowerment after chopping my hair. It’s simple and may sound silly to some, but as a women you can really start to identify yourself based on a part of your appearance or even your life. The things that are comfortable in life can seem right for you, when potentially, there is something better for you. (That’s also really good relationship advice!) I thought I should have long hair, because I naturally could. For now, I’m loving the new ‘do. It’s better for me because of how I feel after doing it and facing my fear of having short hair and not looking or feeling pretty after doing it. I love knowing now that I can keep it short, let it grow a little, or even grow it back long and chop it again and I can feel great no matter what, because I am not defined by that one thing.


Since chopping my hair off a week or so ago, I’ve been getting some questions on what I’m using so far to style it. I’m still figuring out exactly how I want it, but will share what I’ve been using in the mean time for you all below.


I got a ton of recommendations for new products to try and have made a list and will be trying some, soon. I’ll share those I love when I do a full tutorial for you all!

Taking everything else I shared today, is there anything you’ve been fearful of changing or taking the plunge on? It can be something about your appearance and as simple as trying a red lip or something personal and as big as quitting your job to pursue a passion or go back to school. Whatever it may be, I’d love to hear!! Leave a comment below, DM me on Instagram, or send me an e-mail. I love connecting with you all!

Hopefully you found this more-personal post inspiring in some way! XO


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  1. 1.11.18
    Hailey said:

    THIS WAS SO GOOD!! Such an empowering and inspiring post, you articulate so well.

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    Loved this so much! You write so well and not to mention the beautiful pictures!

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