2020 NSale Beauty Picks

Happy Nordstrom sale kickoff day! I know SO many of you can’t shop just yet, but this year you are able to add things to your wishlist & then add straight form your cart (with size + color info saved) when you are able to shop. I have to say, I LOVE this new change so much. It makes it so much easier to be prepared, which is key to grabbing what you want most during the sale. One of my favorite categories to shop during the sale is beauty. I always stock up on some of my tride & true products. I know I’ll be buying them throughout the year anyways, so may as well save when I can. Today’s blog post is a closer look at my 2020 NSale Beauty Picks.

Before we hop into beauty picks, make sure you’re caught up on all things NSale that I’ve posted so far. You can also always check my Nordstrom Sale tab for all my content regarding the sale!

2020 NSale Beauty Picks

Below is a collage of all my 2020 NSale Beauty Picks. The collage is shoppable, so you can simply click on any of the images & you’ll be taken straight to that product’s page where you shop! I’m including more about each item + why I picked it as a top item below the collage. Each product name is hyperlinked below so just click on it & you’ll go straight to that product’s page.

Pillow Talk Set: You guys this is the most universally flattering lipstick shade… ever. It looks good on EVERYone & is the perfect neutral pink to have in your bag. My girlfriend was getting her make up done for a wedding trial when I was with her & when the artist mentioned a color that looks good on everyone I said, “Pillow Talk?” & I was right! This is a must have. I also included it on my top picks because I’m so excited to get a liner, lipstick, & gloss at a steal.

Oribe Set: The dry texture spray by this brand has a cult following & for good reason. It smells amazing & is the best for getting texture in your hair. This set comes with one texture spray & one dry shampoo for over $30 off the usual retail price.

Eyelash Serum: I use this every.single.night. This is my favorite eyelash serum! I always buy this during the Nordstrom Sale to save. After I got eyelash extensions I had none left & these helped grow them back longer & stronger than ever. I continue using it each night to keep my lashes extra long!

Setting Spray: This is my favorite setting spray! It helps all of your makeup stay on. It’s a must especially in the summer! You get an XL one & a travel size one for almost half the price.

Peel Pads: I shared these in my PM Skincare routine post. I started using these a few months ago after so many friends told me they were their #1 beauty product recommendation. I see why now! I use them every other night & they have already made such a big difference in my skin. They are pricey, so grabbing them on sale is amazing. Hot Tip: I cut each pad in 1/2 & store it in a bag so that they last even longer.

Sunscreen: This is our favorite summer sunscreen! It’s so easy to spray on & the SPF 50 is necessary. We always buy these in bulk to have on hand. You save $21 (basically getting one free) when you buy during the NSale. Supergoop has been my go to sunscreen brand because it’s clean, but WORKS.

Tula Kit: If you’ve been wanting to try Tula this is a great time! You get a full size of the cleanser (my fav— as discussed in my PM skincare routine post), the primer (I use this every day, it matches your skin tone & blurs your skin. It’s incredible), a glow eye balm, & treatment pads. Such a steal! You are saving $50 on this bundle + getting a bag to go with it.

Body Wash & Lotion: I have heard the best things about this brand! I’ve been so eager to try & am going to be purchasing this duo of body wash & lotion. You save $15 on this bundle! This brand is all natural & free of a long list of harmful ingredients, which is so important to me. I am so excited to finally try!

Primer & Setting Powder Duo: This is my favorite setting powder! You are basically getting a primer for free with this price, so why not try it?!

Self-Tanner: This is the self-tanner I’ve been using this summer. This brand doesn’t smell horrible & gives you an actual natural looking color. This is the express one which I love so that I don’t have to sit in as long, but the regular one is also on sale. I love them all for different purposes or times of year. It’s a jumbo size, so you are saving almost $40!

Gummy Vitamins: I included HUM vitamins in my supplements I take every day post. I have them on pause while I’m doing a Whole 30 because they taste like candy! I love them. I use the glow ones, but these on the sale are for your hair to make it grow longer & stronger. I take a few other HUM vitamins & love them, so I’m sure these are just as good!

Dry Shampoo: This is the dry shampoo I keep coming back to! The jump size is on sale so you are getting major savings on it. I’m going to be buying a few of these to last me through the year. Washing your hair less means more time for other things! Which I am all about.

Olaplex Set: I talked about this brand in my 12 tips for how to fix dry hair post. I love this shampoo & conditioner + this serum. It helps maintain the bond in your hair which is what helps it stay strong & not be overly dry or damaged. It’s worth the hype! You are saving over $40 by buying it in a set as a part of the NSale.

Brow Serum: Same as above with the lash serum– I use this every day! I swear by this stuff. I did not have to pluck my brows really for years & then I started using this every day & have had so much new growth. Even with microblading, you still don’t actually have hair in those sparse spots, so this will get you closer! Even my brow girl noticed. I can’t quit this stuff! You are basically getting two for the price of one during the Nsale. Stock up for yourself or split it with a friend.

Mon Paris Perfume: My fav perfume!! I wore this on our wedding day & haven’t quit it since. You save almost $50 on snagging this set during the NSale. I always buy one because I like to have one in my bathroom, my Cloffice, & purse! Ha It’s that amazing.

Lashes & Lips Set: I’ve been using this mascara in my rotation lately & I am a big fan. It makes them super fluffy & voluminous + long. It’s layerable, which is key, too. You’re basically getting a clear lip plumping gloss with it during the sale. I’m excited to try this! I’ve heard it works really well. Who doesn’t want a pain free enhanced pout these days?

It was actual torture for this beauty junkie to narrow down my top picks. There are so many other items I use weekly that are on sale, so I’m including those for you all below!

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Hopefully you all loved learning more about all of my 2020 NSale Beauty Picks. There are SO many things that I already use & love. It was super hard to narrow this down. You can shop all of my collages from the Nordstrom Sale here. You can shop more by category & shop my picks by price via the Nordstrom Sale drop down on my homepage. If you need any help at all shopping the sale or have any questions please reach out! I am here to help however I can, as always. XO


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