July Amazon Purchases

Time keeps on flying by! I can’t believe we’re in August, but that’s just a few steps closer to Fall, which is my favorite. The end of another month means that it’s time to take a look back. Today, I’m going through all of my July Amazon purchases with you all. This has become one of your favorite monthly posts that I share & it’s so fun to take a look back myself. I am nothing if not a loyal Amazon customer, haha! Especially now. It’s just so easy & fast!

Sharing all of my July Amazon purchases including what I bought from Amazon in July. Plus, I'm also sharing a litle more about each item.

July Amazon Purchases

I can’t believe it’s already August! Summer has been flying by so quickly. Today I’m rounding up my  July Amazon purchases broken down by category. This round up includes a lot of affordable home essentials, some new coffee table books, & a few fashion finds. I included all the photos I had of one to make it easy to shop!


Electric Wine Opener: This electric wine opener is so handy. It’s cordless (which is a huge plus), easy to use, & has a sleek compact charging stand. It also comes with rechargeable batteries that last up to 8 hours & a foil cutter for easily removing corks. It’s under $20 & has over 12k positive reviews, which is crazy! It also makes a great gift idea for all the wine lovers out there!

Rug Stickers: These reusable rug grippers are great for larger rugs in the house. They work on both carpet & hardwoods & help prevent rugs from slipping around & getting out of place. I recently used them to help uncurl our new area rug (can’t stand when a new rug curls up on the side) & it worked amazing.

Sheepskin Rug: I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the quality of this super chic sheepskin rug. It’s silky soft, the perfect size, & has a nice natural shape to it. It makes a great accent rug or just draped over a chair or couch like we did. It comes in 16 colors & is under $100. I got the taupe color.

Pillow Inserts: I love switching out our couch & bedroom throw pillows with these decorative pillow inserts. They have a nice & fluffy material that holds up really well & come with removable pillow covers which makes machine washing really easy. They come in 9 sizes & have over 6k positive reviews. Highly recommend!

Curtain Rod: I love the modern look & feel on this decorative curtain rod. The minimalist, modern design is easy to match with any type of curtains in your living room, office, or bedroom, & can easily adjust the rod to fit your space. It’s under $20 & looks MUCH more expensive, trust me.

Dish Brush: This brush is great for scrubbing pots & pans. It has durable nylon bristles that quickly removes food & prevents scratches. It also has a built in scraper to help remove dark & burned spots on pans. It’s under $10 & has over 3k positive reviews. Definitely a great household item to have!

Stainless Steel Wipes: These stainless steel wipes are a MUST have for your kitchen appliances. I cannot stand when we have smudges on our fridge or dishwasher. These wipes dissolve smudges in seconds & make your appliances look brand new. Can’t recommend these enough!

Gold Metal Picture Frames: These picture frames are perfect for a gallery wall. They’re easy to assemble, great quality, & super affordable. The gold metal frame & ivory color mat really make your photo pop! They come in 6 sizes. I got them in the 8×8 size.

Silicone Scrubber: These under $10 silicone scrubbers are my new favorite cleaning accessory. They don’t leave residue buildup or smells like normal brushes & are safe to use on dishes, glassware, multiple surfaces, & so much more. They’re also dishwasher safe & heat resistant which is always a plus.

White Picture Frames: I love how simple & modern these picture frames are. They’re great for hanging your favorite prints & photographs on a gallery wall or home office. They’re under $20 & have almost 2k positive reviews. Can’t go wrong!

Coffee Table Books

Dior Catwalk: Coffee table books are one of my favorite things to decorate the house with. I pretty much have them in every single room. This book is the perfect addition to all of my designer inspired collection of coffee table books. I love the simplicity of the front cover & subtle color for stacking with other books. If you’re looking for more coffee table books, I’ve linked them all on my blog here.

Travel Home: I obviously miss traveling because most of the coffee books I purchased this month are related to travel. This book is inspired from influencers all across the world & includes interviews, essays, & tips for cultivating your own global home.

Peonies: Beautiful Varieties for Home & Garden: I love peonies & thought this book was so pretty for summer. I love all the bright colors on the front cover. It really pops on my coffee table!

Paris. Portrait of a City: I bought this book so I can remember how gorgeous Paris is. Not to mention, some of the best food I’ve ever had!

Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style: I’m always looking for more home inspo & this book is full of it.

Pretty City New York: I traveled to NYC four times last year. Each time I visit, I always find myself wanting more. I’ve had so many great trips there for work, like attending NYFW with some of my bloggers friends & meeting with some of my dream brands including: Free People, Urban Outfitters, Marc Fisher, & SO many more.

Streets of New York: Another book to remind me on how beautiful, diverse, & alive the Big Apple is.

Alexander McQueen: I love how bold & chic the cover of this book is!

This is Home: The Art of Simple Living: This book is all about living simply & creating a space in your home that makes you feel happy & satisfied. Love it!

Evocative Style: I love the bold textures, patterns, & rich colors this book has to offer. If you’re looking for modern interior design inspo, I highly recommend this book!

Let’s Get Fizzical: How cute is the name of this bubbly cocktail recipe book?! Looking forward to testing out some recipes once I finish Whole 30.

Speakeasy: I thought this cocktail recipe book would look so cute on our bar cart!

Clothes & Accessories

Muscle Tanks: I’ve been wearing these tank tops on repeat lately. I love the racerback style & muscle fit for a more loose & relaxed look. They’re the perfect exercise top for summer & are super lightweight, sweat-resistant, & breathable. Not to mention, affordable! A 3 pack is under $25 & they come in multiple colors.

Eyeglass Chain: These chic eyeglass chains are so handy. You can use them on sunglasses, blue light glasses, reading glasses, & prescription glasses. The chain is super lightweight & comfortable to wear, I don’t even notice I have them on! Both ends can be easily adjusted to fit just right. They’re under $10 & come in rose gold, silver, & gold. I got them in gold since majority of my everyday jewelry is gold. They make a great gift idea too!

Cat Eye Sunglasses: I love the squared silhouette on these cat eye sunglasses. They’re lightweight, durable, & super flattering. They come in 7 colors & are under $15. I got them in both white & black since they go with so much!


Skin Care Supplement: These skin care supplements are filled with everything your skin craves in one little pill. They’re made with clean ingredients like Vitamins C & E, biotin, & collagen to help brighten your skin, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, & overall improve your skin needs.

Inflatable Disco Balls: These inflatable disco balls are such a fun party decoration for a birthday or bachelorette party!

Ultra Sheer Sunscreen: This sunscreen is so lightweight & fast absorbing. It has a non-greasy, matte finish & very subtle smell to it. It has SPF 100+ & perfect for a long day at the pool or beach to protect your skin all day long!

Glass Straws: I’m a huge fan of these reusable glass straws. They’re extra long & have wide diameter which is perfect for drinking hot or cold beverages, smoothies, frozen drinks, etc. Not to mention, they’re environmental friendly & dishwasher safe. An 8-pack is under $10 & comes with a variety of bent & straight straws. Highly recommend these!

Elderberry Immune Gummy: I talked about these tasty gummies in my March, May, & June Amazon blog post & continue to stock up on them. They’re filled with several immune boosting benefits from vitamin c, elderberry, & zinc & great for the entire fam. Did I mention they taste like candy?! If you aren’t already hooked like me, I highly recommend trying them out!

Dried Currants: These dried currants are a great snack for on the go & make a delicious topping on cereal, oatmeal, or smoothie bowls!

Bubble Envelops: These bubble lined envelops are great for mailing small & delicate items. They’re super lightweight so won’t add to your shipping cost either. I got them in the gingham plaid print so they would stand out more in the mail (& because they’re cute!) They also come in one other pattern & black.

Silicone Food Huggers: These reusable food containers are so handy to have! They’re a great way to preserve cut open fruit or veggies.

Spirulina Powder: If you’re unfamiliar with spirulina, it’s definitely something I recommend adding into your daily routine. It’s a nutrient packed organism loaded with essential vitamins loaded with antioxidants & vitamins. I’ve been using it in my spirulina smoothie recipe (which is to die for!) It’s also Whole 30 approved & an easy way to add more nutrients in your diet. I also have some other great smoothie recipes including a beet juice smoothie bowl, a chocolate smoothie recipe, a carrot cake smoothie bowl, & more.

That’s all for now! I hope you all enjoyed seeing all of my July Amazon purchases. Check out last month’s post for more killer fashion finds, home deals & more. Let me know if you’d like to see or know more in the month’s to come! I always want to be the best resource for you.Until next month! XO


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