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Red Floral dress via A Lo ProfileRed Floral dress via A Lo ProfileRed Floral dress via A Lo ProfileRed Floral dress via A Lo ProfileRed Floral dress via A Lo ProfileDo you ever see something and just know you have to have it? No matter how many times you try to move on, you keep thinking about it. When this happens to me, I eventually find a way to make what I want happen. This dress was one of those finds. (As is so many of the dresses I see designed by this designer: For Love and Lemons.) As soon as I saw it, I adored it. I was mentally planning where and when I would wear it. Finally, I gave in and I am so happy I did. I love the dress on as much as I thought and have receive endless compliments when I’ve worn it. It is such a flirty and fun dress, yet can be appropriate for a wedding or another similar occasion. The lightweight material makes it good for warmer months and the sleeves make it easily transitional as it cools down. I styled it here dressed up how I wore it to a wedding, but I think it’d be great dressed down with sneakers and a denim jacket, too.Fresh florals via A Lo Profile

These shoes are another great example of me not being able to get something off my wish list. I love the tie detail and the red suede. I think red shoes are such a fun way to add a little pop of color through details, but am particular about red shoes. I think they can easily look trashy, especially when done in a red leather. Being so particular about red shoes, loving these right off the bat meant they were a must. I recently got this red hand bag, too so it was the perfect pairing! You’ll definitely see the two repeated with other looks, soon!

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  1. 6.29.16
    Maggie said:

    This dress is seriously so perfect. I love everything about this!


  2. 7.1.16
    Zelle said:

    Such a fun dress! Happy Friday!

    Southern Style

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