6 Fall Favorites You Need to be Cozy This Year

Is anyone else craving fall? I am SO READY for better weather & to be able to use all of my fall favorites. Texas has been super hot the past few weeks (I am talking 103 degrees plus) & the light at the end of the tunnel for me is that in about a month or two it will finally start to cool down. I know I will be spending a lot of time at home this fall so creating a cozy environment with all my fall favorites is a must. Ya feel me?! If you do you’re in luck because I rounded up everything you need to create a cozy fall environment with a few items you can wear outside of the house too!

6 Fall Favorites You Need to be Cozy This Year

First things first, everyone needs a solid throw blanket. Having my favorite blanket on my bed or on the couch literally makes me so happy. I love carrying around a blanket to my desk, bedroom & especially love it when watching shows on our couch. This throw blanket is my current favorite but I rounded up a few from all different price points. Also, here is a low-priced weighted blanket if you struggle with anxiety.

Next, obviously, everyone needs a couple of good fall scented candles. I love pumpkin candles & anything that brings a warm feeling like cinnamon. This pack of 2 has amazing reviews on Amazon. Not to mention you get 2 large candles for less than $20. I also found an entire section on Target dedicated to fall candles! An actual dream come true. I did some searching & gathered some solid options below. Fall candles always sell out quickly so grab them early!

A comfortable cardigan you love will be key for fall & winter. I get cold easily so I love to have a sweatshirt or cardigan I can put on over my clothes pretty much year-round but especially in the colder months. The trick is to find a good cardigan you can pull on over workout clothes & ones that are long enough to wear with leggings. I am linking my favorite ones below! Some of these are a bit of a splurge but the material is SO SO SOFT. They all come in multiple colors.

Oversized scarfs are definitely one of my fall favorites. I love them because you can throw them over your workout clothes with a jacket or cardigan & some boots & you have a chic outfit but are actually in the comfiest clothes ever.

Fall flavored teas + coffees are definitely a major trend for fall. Personally, my favorite fall drink is a good chai latte. I use all of the exact ingredients below to create my lattes. It is truly the best & it is a super healthy version! You can grab all of these off of Amazon. Check out my Instagram highlight called “Drinks” to see how I add everything together.

Whether you like chai lattes or you love the PSL from Starbucks in the fall, we all need a well-insulated cup to keep our beverages nice & warm. The one I use is here but I linked several other options at different price points as well.

I hope you found something that gets you excited for fall. We all should have something we are looking forward to in the next few months. I can’t wait to cozy up with all of these items & watch some more Gossip Girl. Looking for the beauty items I will be using the rest of the year? Check out my Sephora Sale picks. I hope everyone has a great day. XO


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    I’m not ready for summer to be over yet! But I love your picks! ❤️✨

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