My Sephora Sale Favs

Sephora is having a big holiday sale right now across their whole site including tons of great gift boxes. You do have to be a beauty insider with them, but it’s free to sign up! If you’re a beauty insider, they track points & status for you. I highly recommend being one! There are tons of perks if you shop there a decent amount & no downside. Today, I’m sharing my Sephora sale favs with you all including my current favorite beauty, skincare, & hair & body picks from the sale.

My Sephora Sale Favs

Below are my Sephora sale favs broken down by category including makeup, skincare, & hair & body. Each of the collages are shoppable, so you can click on any of the product images & you’ll be taken straight to that page to shop. I’m including more about each product below (& providing hyperlinks there, too) including color or shade info!


It was so hard for me to narrow down my makeup favorites as I am such a makeup junkie. I am always trying new products & love switching it up. I definitely have more recs if you need them, but here are my top favs as of now!

It Cosmetics CC Cream: I’ve been using this foundation as a more full coverage foundation. It’s not too heavy for a full coverage foundation in my opinion. I love that it has SPF 50 built in! I wear shade medium tan.

Kilawatt Freestyle Highlight Duo: This Fenty beauty duo is SO good. I love that you are getting two highlights in one. It’s great for when your skin tone is a little less/more tan or for different parts of your face. I get the Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby shades.

Cream Bronzer: I got this bronzer recently during a sale on this brand’s website in the color Seychelles & I am obsessed. It blends so well & has the most natural looking color!

Tarte Blush: I’ve heard such great things about this blush. It is supposed to last for 12 hours! I got it in the color captivating & it is stunning. I’m also eyeing the color risque.

Laura Mercier Setting Powder: This translucent setting powder is my favorite go to. It works great all over your face & helps you from getting any shine/oil.

UD Eyeshade Primer Potion: This is the only eyeshadow primer I’ve used for years. It works so great to keep your shadow on & to prevent you getting mascara on the top of your eyelid. I get the anti aging one.

Under Eye Brightening Powder: I got this in a few months ago to use to set my under eyes so that I don’t get mascara transfer (I also put it under my brow for the same purpose before eye shadow).

Brow Pencil: This is my favorite brow pencil. I wear the shade 4. It works so well to fill in your brows when you use light, feathery strokes. The same brand also just came out with this brow product that I’m ordering to try, too!

Brow Gel: This helps keep your brows in place. It’s tinted, so it helps fill in any patchy areas, too. I get the shade 4 in it.

Tartelette in Bloom: I’ve shared this palette a few times including in this everyday eyeshadow tutorial. It’s such a great everyday palette! You’ll use all of the colors in it, it’s buildable from day to night, & you can do your full eye make up with just this one palette.

Naked Reloaded: I LOVE this palette by Urban Decay. I can use all of the colors in it & I can do all of my eye makeup with just this palette. It’s so good.

Base Mascara Primer: I use this Givenchy mascara primer & it works so well. I like to do two coats. It makes your lashes longer & thicker + your mascara just goes on so much better.

Better Than Sex Mascara: I had heard the best things about this mascara! I ordered it during the last Sephora sale & have been using it ever since. It’s super volumizing!

Pillow Talk: I use all of this from Charlotte Tilbury. I use the lip linerlipstick, & lip gloss. It’s one of my absolute favorite & is a best seller.

Sea Color Splash: I love this Tarte lipstick so much. It’s by far my most used one right now! It’s hydrating & stays on really well. I have the shades: set sail, salt lyfe, & colada.

UD Setting Spray: This is my absolute favorite! I use the de-slick one to help with any oil. It helps all of your makeup stay on all day & helps set it in place.

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I absolutely love skincare & really feel like it’s the most important thing to invest in appearance wise. A lot of my favorite skincare items from my AM skincare routine & PM skincare routine aren’t available at Sephora, so this isn’t an extensive skincare round up, but a good majority are available & a part of the sale!

Farmacy’s Green Clean Make Up Melt You guys, this does just what it says it does. It melts your make up off. I’ve been obsessed with this since I first used it & haven’t strayed since. It’s so good.

Olehenriksen Balancing Force Oil Control Toner I read the best reviews on this being great for breakout prone skin, so I switched to this a few months ago when I started getting acne. I absolutely love it. It’s a clean product & I feel like it works so well without stripping your skin.

Glow Screen Sunscreen gives  you such a pretty glow! I’ve used the Supergoop for years & love it as you’ll see by how many other of their products I’m sharing here & below.

Defense Refresh: This is by Supergoop also & is a sunscreen + make up setting spray. This is perfect for refreshing your SPF during the day, especially on days when you’ll be outside a lot. This has been key with me dealing with melasma.

Self- Tanning Drops: I love these self-tanning drops for keeping my face tan. They are green + clean & give a beautiful glow. I mix 2-3 drops in to my moisturizer at night & apply all over my face + lightly on my neck.

Jet Lag Mask: This is my go to mask when I feel like my skin is dry & needs a moisture boost. Its amazing!

Babyfacial: I use this without fail once a week. It does just what the name says, it makes your skin feel like a baby. It is an exfoliating mask that gets all the dead skin off & leaves your skin feeling so amazing. I swear by this mask.

Resurfacing Mask: This gives you the most amazing instant glow by getting all the dead skin cells off of your skin. I cannot say enough good things about this mask!

Lip Mask: I use this every night. It’s amazing! It seriously keeps your lips so hydrated & prevents them from cracking or drying out. Vanilla is my current favorite flavor, but honestly I love all of the ones I’ve tried.

Firming Eye Serum I’ve used this under my eyes for awhile & love that it is a clean formula that doesn’t feel too heavy. I use it at night!

C-Tango Eye Cream: I use this eye cream every morning. It helps brighten & ensures my under eye area is nice & moisturized before I apply makeup.

Daily Exfoliating Face Wash: I use this in the mornings & the apricot instantly wakes you up! I seriously look forward to it. This helps make sure all of the dead skin cells & build up are off of your skin to promote cell turn over & prevent dull skin.

AHA/BHA peel pads are pre-dosed with seven acids to reduce the look of fine lines & wrinkles, acne scars, pores, & shine. I’ve noticed such a positive outcome from using them. I alternate using these & retinol below. I don’t recommend using both in the same night. If you want, you can use the peel pads in the morning & retinol each night or wait about 30-45 mins at a minimum to apply retinol after you use these. See more on retinol below.

Water Lock Moisturizer: This has a subtle orange scent that is incredible. It’s like a giant drink of water for your skin! I’ve been using morning & night since I got it & am obsessed. I’m ordering more now while it’s on sale to have on hand because I know it will remain a staple in my routine.

Vitamin C: If you are not using Vitamin C, you need to be. It is SO good for your skin! This one helps prevent dull skin & leaves you looking so glowy!

A-Passioni Retinol. Retinol is known to balance out just about any skincare concern & be wonderful for anti-aging. Retinol can dramatically improve the look & feel of uneven skin tone & texture, as well as ward off the damage done from daily exposure to UV rays, pollution, or other free radicals. Basically, you need retinol in your life. I use it every other night depending on what other products (like peel pads) I’m using to ensure they aren’t counteracting each other in any way.

Hair & Body

What beauty roundup would it be without my hair & body favs?! I have all of my favorite picks including some of my favorite hair tools below.

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Bond Repair Shampoo & Conditioner: I love this Caviar duo for helping strengthen your hair. I’ve been using this one nonstop the past few weeks & love how well it works to un-do damage from your hair.

Oil Treatment: I always come back to this brand for hair products. I love the oil & I love the heat protectant & their hair masque. It’s a tride & true!

Bond Maintenance Shampoo & Conditioner: The one above repairs, this one maintains. I love this shampoo & conditioner duo for every day use to ensure your hair stays strong & healthy.

YSL Mon Paris: This is my go to perfume. It’s such a beautiful scent & I get stopped by people asking what I’m wearing all the time. I always have an extra bottle of this on hand!

Volume Blast: This Living Proof dry volume blast is incredible. I keep a travel size one in my purse. It works SO well & has become one of my must have products.

Hair Protectant Masque: I used this mask for months before every time I washed my hair & it works so well. I had dryer hair & damage from heat & this helped so so much. I use it less now, but still use it every other week or so & love it.

Caviar Heat Protectant: I love this heat protectant! It’s been the one I’ve been using most recently. Heat protectant is an absolute must in your hair care routine.

St Tropez Self Tanner: I go back to this tanning mousse time & time again. It’s such a beautiful color & doesn’t smell horrible like so many do. The extra dark or rapid ones are my favorite.

Straighter: I’ve used this straightener for as long as I can remember. It’s great & I love that you can adjust the heat on it.

Supergoop! Sunscreen: This is my go to sunscreen brand. I love the spray & the lotion.

Blow Dryer: This is the updated version of the T3 blowdryer I have. It has an auto-sensor that pauses when you set it down, which I think is the best feature ever.

Curling Iron: I recently switched to this curling iron & am a huge fan. It heats up in 20 seconds & the heat is regulated on it’s own to ensure your hair doesn’t get damaged. Huge fan!

Body Wash: I’ve been using this body wash for a bit & just switched this scent. It’s natural, clean, & works. Plus, it has such a luxurious look & feel that I’m v into.

Natural Deodorant: Who know deodorant could be chic?! This brand is so amazing. I’ve used the eucalyptus scent & just grabbed this sandalwood one that I’m really into.

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I hope you all loved seeing my Sephora sale favs. This is such a great time to stock up on a few things if you need them! I have a few things that I know I’ll run out of in the next month, so I’m going to go ahead & pull the trigger now! XO


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