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Ah, postpartum, what a glamorous time. Cute new baby aside, there isn’t anything about postpartum I enjoyed. Just keeping it real. I plan to write an entire post about some postpartum realness including all that I was surprised about, but today, I want to focus on postpartum essentials. If you are prepping for a baby to come, this post will help you have everything you need on hand for YOU. Remember you? Ya, you’re gonna need some care. Obviously baby will as well, so check out my baby registry post for everything you need for baby. Let’s jump into my postpartum essentials below.


Below is an easy to shop collage featuring my postpartum essentials. I ordered everything beforehand & set up what I would need in a little diaper caddy in the bathroom I used most. I also cleared out a drawer in my dresser for backups, nursing bras, postpartum undies– all the things. The collage below is shoppable. You can click on any image & you’ll be taken to that product’s page to shop.

I am happy to answer any questions about any of these, but I feel like most are self explanatory! You’ll need a lot for healing & relief of your lady parts as you go through different phases of healing. All of the nursing bras & lots of disposable undies, too.

Everything here is what you need to get you through those first few weeks postpartum. I’m working on my 4th trimester essentials blog post featuring everything I used most during those first three months into motherhood. If you have any questions or things I can answer in my postpartum realness post, please let me know! I’ll get started on that, soon. Hopefully this helps you all in prepping for those first few weeks! You got this, mama. XO


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