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As you all probably know, we’re moving! You may have seen on Instagram stories that we were looking for and finally found a house. The owners needed a lease back until the first week of January and the past two weeks we’ve been doing a few updates before we move in this coming Friday. I have loved sharing bits and pieces so far with you all and have loved all of your kind words and encouragement after hearing more about our story. I am so excited to share more about our home with you all as we move in, get settled, decorate, and continue to do updates.


Today is kicking off my new series about all things home: ‘A Lo Abode.’ I’ll be using the hashtag #aloabode on all of my home posts on Instagram so you all can easily follow along! We are so excited to begin making our home our own. Before moving in we painted the entire exterior, are getting new front and back doors, painted the entire interior including the ceilings after retexturing them, added recessed lighting, and hardwood in a room that didn’t have it (or that had carpet and other flooring on top of the original). There is a lot of work that we want to do to it still, but we’ll do it over time and are looking it as a fun work in progress! Our next project will probably be our hall bathroom.

Updating our home will be a process, just like decorating is. I am a believer that you shouldn’t rush to decorate. I feel like it shows in the outcome if you do. To help us with getting ideas for what we want to do and the overall vibe of the house, I of course turned to Pinterest. My husband and I have similar taste and I tend to narrow down what we are shopping for to a few options and then we typically decide on the final one to purchase together.


While on Pinterest, I made a board called ‘Our Home Inspo‘ to start pinning ideas when we were looking for homes of different things that inspired me. Then, I took the top images and compiled them into the mood board below. We’ll refer back to this throughout the decorating process for inspiration, ideas, and to help keep our vision. Some images we love for the furniture, others for the layout, and some may be for the color scheme or even one piece in the photo that inspires us.

Sharing my home decor mood board in the first of the new series about all things home: A Lo Abode. We are so excited to take you through the whole process!

I think mood boards are such a fun way to organize your ideas and keep a clear vision.Whether you’re drawing inspiration from fashion, words, food, your home, or a combination of everything, mood boards are so fun! It can be so fun to take a bunch of magazines and have a mood board party with your friends. I love doing both digital and paper mood boards.

As you may be able to see from above, our home style includes light and bright walls, with moody details. We love some mid century modern and retro vibes mixed in with some classic pieces. Basically, it’s very eclectic and my mindset is, if we love it, then we get it and it will end up working because it will be our perfect mix of things we love in our home! I always prefer gold accents and we both love fun art.


I am going to be sharing everything from picking out paint, to updating little things around the house, to entire room reveals with you all. I’ll have before and afters, lots of great info, and some great inspiration to share. I don’t want to just wait and share a finished process with you all. I want to take you behind the scenes on Instagram and share progress with you all as we have it. I love home decor and design and we are so excited to finally have our own project to take on! Plus, we’re so excited to share it with you all.

If you have any specific requests for things you’d like to see on the blog as a part of the A Lo Abode series, please let me know! I’m hoping to record an IG TV episode (my first!) later this week for you all doing an (almost) empty home tour. We’ve already started moving some things and will be officially moving in this coming Friday! We have quite a few things getting delivered that we’ve already ordered. I am linking some things we’ve already purchased for you all to get a little preview below. We’ll be using quite a bit of the things we had at our apartment, too so you can catch up on those home decor posts by room: Our Bedroom, Our Dining Room, and Our Kitchen. Our plan for our house is to start with bigger pieces of furniture, then go down to accessories like rugs and curtains, and finish off with decorative accessories. I’ve seen so many cute home decor pieces and coffee table books I can’t help but start saving. I know every room won’t go just this way– as we have some pieces and will of course find some pieces we love along the way, but this is our general big to small plan.


I hope this post inspired you all to make a mood board and got you excited to follow along on the home update, design, and decorating processes with us. Have a wonderful start to your week! XO


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  1. 1.21.19

    I love the hashtag, so creative! Will definitely be keeping up with your progress. I really like your mood board, hope everything goes accordingly! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. 1.21.19
    Natalie said:

    Can’t wait to follow along in the process, I’m definitely looking forward to all your home inspo!

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