A Look Back at My Blogging Journey

I have a very exciting post in store for you all today! I’m sharing a look back at my blogging journey & how I got started + I have an amazing contest that I have been compensated by QVC & HSN to share with you all in this post. Let’s jump into it!

sharing a look back at my blogging journey & how I got started + I have an amazing contest that I have been compensated by QVC & HSN to share with you all.

A Look Back

Chances are you have not been following me since I started my blog. It all began several summers ago when my now husband, Charles had a work assignment for three months in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lucky for us, I had a few months off of work in the summers because I worked for a school district as a School Psychologist. I had nothing else to do while down in South America for a few months, so I decided I would start a blog & share our summer travels. It was unique to essentially be spending a few months abroad in our mid-twenties (sort of like studying abroad without the studying), so it was fun to share what all we were up to. I also shared my love for cooking, health & beauty, & fashion. Here are a few fun throwback pics from when I first started!


After I returned from my summer abroad, I posted here & there on my blog or Instagram, but didn’t take it too seriously. I was maybe posting once or twice a week and sometimes, barely at all. A year or a year-and-a-half went by & I decided I really enjoyed sharing different aspects of my life. I looked at it like a conversation with a girlfriend about things I loved over coffee or cocktails. I met a few girls in Dallas who had blogs & with their encouragement, started posting more & more. As I posted more & took it more seriously, my online community started to grow even more.

Not All Roses

The process of starting my blog & sharing my life was not all roses. I was laughed at, made fun of, & questioned. These are often things that go with putting yourself out there & taking risks. I knew what I was doing was making me happy, so I kept at it & ignored those who maybe didn’t get it. I think this is such a powerful lesson for anyone following their passion & chasing a dream!

Just Go For It

You all may recall that I shared a few months ago that I quit my job & jumped in to blogging full time this year. I told my job back in March, but since I worked for a school I wanted to finish out the school year & my contract. The past few weeks were my first official weeks as a full time small business owner. It’s been a wild time to take the leap, but I am so glad that I did.

I would not have felt the push to do it without the constant support & encouragement from my friends, family, & community. It’s so important to surround yourself with people who believe in you & push you to do your best. I feel so lucky to have that! Putting yourself out there & going for something that may not work out is scary & takes a lot of sacrifice, hard work, & ignoring people who may not get it. I can tell you from experience that you can’t have great rewards without big risks! I can also tell you that it is so important to ignore anyone who is holding you back from what you really want to do. YOU GOT THIS!

sharing a look back at my blogging journey & how I got started + I have an amazing contest that I have been compensated by QVC & HSN to share with you all.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Now is your opportunity to put yourself out there & take your passion to the next step. QVC & HSN are doing a contest called, The Big Find. This gives you all the opportunity to submit your products or ideas on QVC.com & HSN.com to become a new brand on their sites. This is a perfect opportunity for any of you may have your own Etsy shop, small eCommerce business, etc to take your ideas & products to the masses.

Key Dates + More Info

  • 07/8-08/19 product submissions – this is the timing where there is an ask out for marketing support
  • As a part of the application process, applicants would need to submit their form as well as a video sharing about their story, the product, & why they believe it is right for the QVC & HSN customer.
  • Buyers will review submissions & decide who will move on to the next round.
  • The next round will include an invite to a virtual pitch session via Zoom meeting sometime during 09/15 – 09/25.
  • All entries must at least have a prototype to present to the panel. Ideally, two additional samples will be available to be sent to QVC & HSN.
  • 09/15-09/25 auditions
  • 09/28-10/09 VP/Director regroup on selections for any additional brands to be added as Big Find Winners, as many will have been decided during the event. These would delayed big ticket winners.
  • 10/25 final decisions communicated to new brands if not before.

More information can be found HERE.

A Few Current Favs

I’m sharing a few of my current favs from QVC & HSN with you all below. If you watch my stories, you know I share deals from both of them regularly. They have SO many amazing sales that I’ve been able to score some major deals during! I love that they offer easy of flex payments, too.

Click to Shop

I am SO excited to see what you all come up with to enter into this contest & sincerely hope that one of you are chosen as the winner. This is such an incredible opportunity! I was so happy when QVC & HSN reached out to partner for me to share. Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me today & GOOD LUCK! XO


My Wishlist

  1. 7.9.20

    What an amazing journey, blogging has really taken you places! I’m so inspired! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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    Briana said:

    This is so inspiring!


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