Bedroom Update with Overstock

Bedroom Update with Overstock + how many husband and I compromise on furniture that we love and that doesn't break the bank.

Moving is almost never a fun process. Decorating a new place, however is! As you know, I am a newlywed. My new husband and I recently moved into a larger place, which has of course, meant some rearranging and redecorating. We had invested in some furniture when we originally moved in together, but still had some older pieces, and even some we had inherited, that we needed to replace. Decorating is a process and I definitely don’t think it’s something that should be rushed. Pieces should be thoughtful and well thought out to be practical, both in their functionality and their pricing, and to reflect your taste. Getting married means that you’re not just considering you’re taste any more, but your taste as a couple. It not only means compromising on style, but on price. Today, I’m sharing our bedroom update with Overstock with you all and I am so excited! Everything, as you can tell by how comfortable she is in these photos, is Maddie approved.

As I’m sure many of you ladies can relate to, your spouse may initially have the ‘whichever is cheaper’ mindset when it comes to furniture. We had a lot of conversations about why furniture is such a great investment and why its worth finding pieces that you love, without breaking your budget. I look at furniture the same way I look at clothing– its all about CPW (cost per wear) or with furniture, rather, its CPU (cost per use). You use furniture every day for years. If you find pieces that you love and will be happy with, then you’ll get more for your money. I use the example with my husband that the only furniture item I still have from my first post-college apartment is the one piece that I really invested in, which was a mirrored coffee table. I’ve now had it for 8 years and I have definitely gotten my money’s worth.

When it came time to redecorate, we wanted to start with our bedroom, as that is where the biggest need was. We basically had our living room in order from living together over the past few years. However, our bedroom furniture needed an update. Our nightstands had some water damage from the hubs not using coasters (I feel like Monica from FRIENDS in my obsession with coasters) so we really needed to update those. Also, we had a beautiful headboard, but it was not a complete bed. Just a headboard and having to use a dust ruffle felt outdated to me, so I really wanted a new bed. When decorating, I think you have to start with bigger items and then work your way down to the details. We often choose smaller accessories and artwork last, as we like to wait until I have all the other pieces in order to know what we need. When it came time to look for our furniture, we started looking online at Overstock. I’ve shopped on their site since I was a teenager, as I remember my family members using it and always finding such great deals.  We wanted to look somewhere with a ton of options so we could be sure to find something that met our needs without having to shop through a ton of different sites!

Bedroom Update with Overstock + how many husband and I compromise on furniture that we love and that doesn't break the bank.

Bedroom Update with Overstock + how many husband and I compromise on furniture that we love and that doesn't break the bank.

We started with our bed. We have a King size mattress and we knew we wanted a grey bed, so we filtered our options by size and color. Then, we were able to filter by the kinds of fabrics we liked and the price. We narrowed it down to a few choices and ultimately decided on this one. Its a rich fabric that feels velvety and we love it! It’s very similar to the one we had before, but is a complete bed, which I think looks so much cleaner! From there, we chose our nightstands. We wanted larger ones in a lighter color wood, so we filtered again by size and color. From there, we looked at price and details, like the gold hardware on this one. We also knew we wanted drawers to be able to store all our odds and ends inside and as soon as we found these we were both obsessed! The subtle chevron detail in the wood is beautiful and I love the light, natural wood color of them.

Now that we have our bigger furniture pieces, we can work our way down to the details. We’ve ordered a bench for the end of our bed that should be arriving soon and are working on finishing out our decorative pillows, and then will get lamps and style our nightstands. Baby steps, y’all.

We typically start with me going through a site and narrowing down the options to around five and then showing my husband and agreeing on our favorite together! If you are in the need for new furniture, Overstock has so many options and makes shopping so easy! They are currently having a pre-black Friday sale with so many amazing deals and I know they will have even more amazing ones on Black Friday. Any time I can shop in my pajamas with a glass of wine and not have to fight off people is a win!

Bedroom Update with Overstock + how many husband and I compromise on furniture that we love and that doesn't break the bank.


Stay tuned, as we’ll have a full home tour coming ASAP. I’ll also be sharing our holiday decor with you all, soon! I’ve ordered quite a few new furniture items for our home that are unfortunately back ordered right now, but as soon as I get them in and our home is ‘complete’ I’ll share it all! I love the decorating process so much and have already had so much fun getting our new place together. XO


Photos by Vanessa Christina Photography

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Overstock. They provided me with our new bedroom furniture after we chose what we wanted in exchange for a review and posts on my blog and social media accounts. As always, all opinions are my own.


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  1. 11.15.17
    Bisola said:

    What a beautiful set up. My husband and I are in the process of updating our master bedroom. The bed you choose is really a winner.

    • 11.15.17
      Lauren said:

      Thank you so much! I think redecorating is so fun, although it certainly is a process! I can’t wait to share it when its complete. I hope yours turns out fabulously! XO, Lauren

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