The Best Mac & Cheese in Dallas

I consider myself to be a huge mac & cheese connoisseur. If it’s on a menu, chances are that I’m ordering it. One of my best friends & I have long talked about what we think the best mac & cheese in Dallas is. We’d message each other after eating it somewhere & talk about where we thought it ranked. One day, we got the brilliant idea to do a mac & cheese fest to really figure out what we thought the best in Dallas was. Today, I’m sharing the results of our quest to find the best mac and cheese Dallas has to offer. I’m including the top five places we ordered from to include in the live taste test, plus a few honorable mentions.

We set out with one goal: find the best mac and cheese dallas has to offer. We narrowed it down to what we remember being the best & did a live taste test.

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Whether you’re a fellow mac & cheese lover or you are just curious in some potentially new Dallas restaurants to discover, today’s post is for you. This will be the first in a new Dallas series where we break down the best of the best in Dallas across a ton of our favorite food & drink categories. I’ll also be sharing a full Dallas restaurant guide & breaking down Dallas by neighborhood.

Best Mac and Cheese Dallas

We set out with one mission: to find the best mac and cheese Dallas has to offer. We thought it would be fun to record a live taste test, so be sure to read to the end of the post, because I’m sharing that video below. We made our guys join in on the fun, too. They were down for the mac and cheese fest, but maybe not so excited about the video part. It makes it fun though! Scroll down to watch the video of our blind taste test of the restaurants below & keep scrolling down after the video for even more favs + honorable mentions including some I’d have in my next taste test.

The Porch: This is one of my long standing favorites. Now that I am mostly plant based, I order it without the ham & it is still just as delicious. I swear they use Frank’s Red Hot Sauce (my fav) in their sauce. Either that, or it just pairs perfectly with it. I love the breadkcrumb to noodle ratio. It’s seriously SO darn good. 

Neighborhood Services: Neighborhood Services is a classic Dallas restaurant & their mac & cheese is easily described the same way. I almost forgot how good it is because it had been a while since I last had it. It was a top favorite for a few in our group! 

Eatzi’s: I love Eatzi’s for so many things, but especially their mac & cheese. It’s classic with elbow noodles & a delicious, creamy sauce that is just runny enough. It’s so good reheated, too so it’s great to stock up on & reheat after holidays. 

Street’s: Street’s is a newer one on the list for me, but after trying it I get why it is so many people’s favorite. It does have tiny pieces of bacon in it, so I order it without. They make this using brie, so it has a really unique flavor to it compared to some of the traditional cheddar options! 

Hudson House: This one was recommended time & time again, but it really came in last for all of us during our blind taste test. It’s really good, but compared to the others it just was not one of the best in Dallas in our opinion. I’d happily eat several of the below over this one any day. I love Hudson House for so many other dishes, though. You’ll see it appear on other Dallas guides or on some of my fav restaurant lists, it just doesn’t win best mac & cheese in Dallas for us. 

A few other favorites or honorable mentions that didn’t make the taste test because we are only four people, ha. Really though, we spent a lot getting it all delivered & my stomach hurt for a full 48 hours after this. Worth it though, right? Gotta give the people the content they want to see.

Hattie’s: Hattie’s just knows how to do all things Southern comfort food & their mac & cheese is no exception. For me, this should replace Hudson House as one of the top five in Dallas. 

Flower Child: Sure, Flower Child is known for healthy eats & their mac & cheese is gluten free, but don’t let that make you think it’s not delicious. It’s proof that you can enjoy indulgent food guilt free. 

Eddie V’s: Forever a wonderful spot for delicious food in an amazing atmosphere & their mac & cheese is only one of the many things I love on the menu. It’s mouthwateringly good.

Oddfellows: Buffalo Chicken used to be one of my favorite foods back in the day before I stopped eating meat & that made this one of my favorite restaurants for mac & cheese because it’s topped with buffalo chicken & garnished with blue cheese. It’s SUCH a perfect pairing! I didn’t include this as a top one for me,  because the chicken just makes it & getting it without it was altering it too much in my opinion for a contest like this. Nevertheless, it’s amazing & should definitely be one you try. 

Pecan Lodge: Known for their BBQ & always having a line out the door, this famous Deep Ellum restaurant really knows how to do sides, too. I’m still down to go here any time & just order alllll the sides, because they’ve mastered those, too. The mac & cheese is no exception. It reminds me of home-style diner style mac in the best way!

The Capital Grille: This one would have been on the top five list, but it’s topped with lobster so really, it’s just not fair for regular ole’ noodles to have to compete. It’s insanely good though, just as you’d expect, & is forever one of my favorites although I definitely don’t eat here as often as I should!

Montlake Cut: Known for their seafood, but also really crushing it in the mac & cheese department. This is a shells & cheese style dish made with jack cheese that gives it such good flavor. 

Papas Bros: This steakhouse makes their mac with crabmeat which makes it so rich & good. It wasn’t always on their menu, but became such a cult fav that they added it full time.

Nick & Sam’s: THE seen & be seen steakhouse in Dallas knows a thing or two about over-the-top food & experiences, which is probably why their menu has several mac & cheese options. You can get it with bacon, with lobster, or the classic Gruyére and white cheddar option.

We set out with one goal: find the best mac and cheese dallas has to offer. We narrowed it down to what we remember being the best & did a live taste test.

I hope you all loved seeing this fun glimpse into the best mac and cheese Dallas has to offer! It was so fun to do this video & we’ll have more coming, soon. Let me know your requests! We’ll find the best cheese fries, best tacos, & anything else you all want to see. I’ll be working on all of these Dallas guides & then will break down Dallas by neighborhood & will do one big Dallas restaurant guide. I’ll also get a post together with all of my other Dallas recommendations! Stay tuned. XO


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