My All Time Favorite TV Shows

Working from Home? Trying to do your part with social distancing? Whatever is going on, from time to time we all need a new TV show to binge. I have a ton of bingeworthy TV shows that I love, but not all of them make it onto my list of my all time favorite TV shows. Today, I’m sharing a roundup of the best tv shows of all time, according to me. I’ll share what gets a show onto the list as one of all my time favorites, but stay tuned for another list featuring a ton of other great bingeworthy shows that are still amazing, but just didn’t quite make the cut for the best of the best.

My All Time Favorite TV Shows: sharing a list of the best tv shows of all time, according to me. If you need a new TV show to binge, this post is for you!

My All Time Favorite TV Shows

Adding a show to the list of my all time favorite TV shows requires it to meet quite a few criteria in my mind. This list is a mix of comedies and dramas, but all of them are shows that I can watch again & again. I find that I am as equally interested and entertained on the second or third time I am watching them as I was the first.

Some of these TV shows I have seen from start to finish over twenty times. No joke. The first time I watch a series, I like to really focus on what is happening in each episode. I love having TV shows on in the background while I work or am doing things around the house, so having a favorite on allows me to watch it & be entertained, but not have to necessarily be glued to the TV because I know what’s going on. I keep the comedies or more lighthearted series on repeat to keep me entertained, but I’ve seen all the dramas or more critically acclaimed shows at least three times through start to finish.

Below, I’m rounding up my all time favorite TV shows in no particular order.

The Office

I didn’t discover The Office until a few years ago & now I really have no idea what I was doing with my life without this in it. I laugh out loud at this show all the time. I love to watch an episode while I eat lunch at home, as they are only about twenty minutes, or I love to binge watch them as I work at home. This show has one of my favorite TV couples, so you get a little bit of romance mixed in with endless humor. If you’ve never seen this series, I can’t recommend it enough. It brightens any day & always puts me in a better mood.


I really have lost count how many times I’ve seen FRIENDS from start to finish. I watched it as it aired growing up & haven’t stopped since. I watch the full series two or three times a year & I can quote a nice chunk of just about every episode. I do this with no shame! We didn’t have cable upstairs in our rooms when I lived in the sorority house in college for two years, so my roommate & I legit watched this on repeat for two years straight. I owned every DVD back in the day & we just made our way through them time & time again. I’m slightly heartbroken that they took this off Netflix because it made it so easy for me to watch. Charles wasn’t a FRIENDS fan, but he’s turned into one & I’ve caught him laughing out loud at some of the episodes when they are on all the time. Could I BE anymore in love with FRIENDS? The answer is no.

The Sopranos

I think this is my favorite serious drama series ever. It combines so many things that I love! I absolutely love the incorporation of Tony’s sessions with his Psychologist into the series. I’m a Psych nerd at heart, but I think these scenes are so important to humanize him & make you somehow root for him no matter what crazy things go down. The family dynamic is so interesting & mob focused shows or movies are always so entertaining.

Mad Men

I love all things from this time period & this show is no different. It’s such an interesting look into how advertising agencies used to run & at women in the workplace back in the day. The characters are so complicated & I love all of the different relationship dynamics in this series. It’s so cleaver & keeps you guessing between episodes as to what will happen. The fashion in this show is incredible, too.

Gossip Girl

There are few shows that entertain me more than Gossip Girl. I love the dynamic of the kids acting like adults in this alternate universe that is growing up in privilege on the Upper East Side in NYC. The drama is endless & somehow you seem to forget from one season to the next how everyone has wronged or dated (or both) each other. I love the clothes & all the references around hot spots in NYC. I live for Chuck Bass in this series. If you’ve never seen it, it’s such an easy watch, but so so good.

Sex & The City

This is another show that I really can’t count the number of times I’ve seen it from start to finish. I love it, always. I didn’t watch it when it first aired, but started it in college & have been hooked ever since. I love the first movie, but like to pretend that the second one never happened. It was so fun to watch at that stage in my life because it sort of painted this unattainable lifestyle picture, yet the characters remained so relatable. I love the relationship between the four main women in the show so much. They go through all the ups & downs in life throughout the series, which is really what true friendships are about. I also love both Aiden and Mr. Big, although I’ll forever be Mr. Big. I could write an entire post about this show & the relationships in it, but for now, it is definitely one of my all time favorite TV shows & I can’t ever imagine a time that it won’t be. The fashion in this show will forever inspire me, too.

Breaking Bad

This is one of the most critically acclaimed shows of all time & for good reason. It’s incredible. From the first episode, I was hooked. I remember watching episodes as I got ready in the morning & staying up way too late to binge it the first time I saw it the whole way through. I couldn’t stop. I love so much about the show, but really it’s just so thrilling & you never know what will happen next.

A few other shows that I love, but they haven’t quite made it onto this list because I haven’t watched them through several times are: Schitt’s Creek, Scandal, Parks & Recreation, Homeland, House of Cards, & Entourage.

I hope you all enjoyed getting a glimpse into the best tv shows of all time, according to me! I’ll be sharing other things like this in the coming weeks to help provide some entertainment & relevant content during this challenging time when many of us are staying at home in an effort to do our part with social distancing. If you have any requests, please let me know! I’ll be working on reviews of my favorite at home workouts, sharing some more bingeworthy TV shows, some books that are currently on my list, & more. Hang in there, y’all! XO


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  1. 3.16.20

    Thanks for sharing your favourites! Gossip Girl is my all-time favourite, I don’t care what anyone else says, haha! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. 3.16.20
    Michelle said:

    Thank you for the list of shows! Cant wait for your list of books and at home workouts. Love your insta and blog!

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