Dainty Gold Jewelry Brands I Wear Every Day

One of my most asked questions on stories is where I got a certain piece of my every day gold jewelry. I’ve shared photos of my rings, layered necklaces, earrings, or bracelets from time to time in the LiketoKnow.it app, but I always think it’s easiest to have a blog post to answer FAQs I get. This one is long overdue, so today I am sharing my everyday jewelry, dainty gold jewelry brands I wear every day, & where to shop for dainty gold jewelry.

My Everyday Jewelry

Below you can see photos of my (current) everyday jewelry + where to buy the pieces. I switch pieces out as I find new pieces that I love to add to my collection & am always rotating pieces in & out, so I’ll update this from time to time. My necklaces are probably the pieces I switch out the most, so I’ll include a few others that I wear frequently below for you all to easily shop. I’m also including a few of my apple watch bands.

Sharing a roundup of my everyday jewelry, 9 dainty gold jewelry brands I wear every day, & where to shop for dainty gold jewelry. 

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Dainty Gold Jewelry Brands I Wear Every Day

I’m sharing all of the places where I shop for dainty gold jewelry below, but also wanted to share 9 dainty gold jewelry brands I wear every day that are featured in the above photos of my everyday jewelry. There is more information about each of these brands below!

Where to Shop for Dainty Gold Jewelry

In addition to the 9 dainty gold jewelry brands I wear every day, I thought it would be helpful to round up where to shop for dainty gold jewelry for you all. I have so many go to retailers I like to check when I’m wanting new pieces to add to my collection or that I own pieces from that I rotate. I’m rounding up my go to brands alphabetically below! I’ll update this as I discover new brands, too.

Baublebar: Baublebar is super affordable & is a brand I’ve been wearing for years. They have also come out with a fine jewelry line with a lot of 14k and 18k gold jewelry. Baublebar is also available to shop on tons of other retailer sites like Shopbop & Nordstrom.

Catbird NYC: This is probably the brand I own the most from. I discovered them a few years ago via a friend who is the queen of dainty gold jewels when she was living in NYC. It’s Brooklyn based & has everything in all price ranges. I love their pieces & attention to detail so much.

Gorjana: This brand is California based & is the epitome of effortless, California cool. They are carried at 1,000 retailers across the country including Shopbop, which is how I first discovered them. Almost every piece is under $100!

Jennifer Zeuner: I would consider this a more fine jewelry brand, but it is very high quality. Charles got me a cute little blue sapphire ring from here that he gave me the morning of our wedding as ‘something blue.’ I often buy it via Shopbop.

Julie Vos: I discovered this brand through a friend & love it. While they carry a lot of statement jewelry, they also have a ton of great dainty options.

Lagos: This is a fine jewelry brand with really beautiful pieces. I wear one of their gold ball bracelets daily! It’s really high quality jewelry, so you’re getting what you pay for. I typically buy it via Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom.

Local Eclectic: I found this brand a few months ago & love how unique all of their pieces are. One of the necklaces I’ve been wearing every day is from there & I also have two rings from them I wear daily. The pieces are SUPER affordable, too!

Maria Tash: You all have probably seen me talk about this brand because this is the store I go to in NYC to get more ear piercings when in town. They are the best of the best! Their pieces are fine jewelry, but they do have some more affordable ones. I usually buy one to get a new piercing & don’t take it out for years, so it’s always worth the splurge. You can purchase it via Nordstrom, too.

Meijuri: This site describes their jewelry as fine jewelry for every day & that is the best way to put it. I’ve loved their pieces for years! They are a moderately priced brand that makes luxury accessible with extremely fair pricing for the quality.

Miranda Frye: They have really well priced, high quality dainty gold jewelry. They have a few gift sets on their site which I really love for anyone wanting to add a few pieces to their collection to start layering at once. Most pieces are under $100. Use code:ALOPROFILE for 10% off + free shipping.

Nordstrom: This is one of my go to retailers for everything & of course,  they have a great selection of dainty, layerable jewelry in every price range.

Panacea: This brand has everything from statement jewelry to dainty jewelry. I love their pieces! They are really well priced, too. The ear cuffs & prelayered necklaces are my favorite.

Sequin: This is another brand that does it all. I wear tons of their pieces all the time, so I’m sure you’ve seen me share them before. They have some really great prelayered jewelry, chokers, & zodiac jewelry that is so pretty.

Stone & Strand: This is another fine jewelry brand who just crushes dainty jewelry. They do allow you to shop by price on their site, so you can filter & only look at pieces under a certain price to find more affordable options. This is a great site for jewelry for a special occasion.


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