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A Lo Profile: Booty Work. Exercises you can do anywhere using either equipment or body weight to target your butt and saddlebags.

We leave for our wedding in less than a week, which means working out is high on the priority list this week. Even though my to do list is VERY full with little things to take care of so close to our wedding and honeymoon, I know I’ll feel my best if I just get it done. The ‘never miss a Monday’ mindset helps me start my weeks out on the right track, which I think sets the tone for the week. Most recently I shared my go to ab workout which I have loved all of your feedback on! Today I’m sharing some booty work exercises you can do just about anywhere. I use ankle weights when I do them, but you can also use a resistance band or just your body weight. I truly prefer ankle weights out of any of them because I feel like it gives me the best workout and therefore, the best results. I’ve linked the ankle weights and resistance bands I use for you! There is also aa $1,000 Nordstrom giveaway! You can use this for more workout gear to keep you motivated or for some new clothes when you’re feeling good about yourself thanks to this workout.

A Lo Profile: Booty Work. Exercises you can do anywhere using either equipment or body weight to target your butt and saddlebags.

Summer is definitely the time to ramp up ab workouts, but I also think arms and booty are just as important. As much as these exercises work the booty, they are also targeting the saddlebag area. If you’re anything like me, this is your problem zone and it needs some serious extra attention. I’ve been doing some combo of these exercises for the past few months and have noticed a big difference over time. Since the Fall I’ve lost two inches off of my hips! They are subtle, but they work. Don’t expect quick results though! Good things take time. Especially for these problem areas where our body just naturally stores more fat. I may have another good solution to this for you all, so stay tuned for more info on targeting problem fat areas coming soon!

As I mentioned above, you can use either body weight, ankle weights, or a resistance band. It’s also helpful to have a yoga or workout mat, but not essential. You’ll be on all fours to start each of these workouts. Position yourself with your knees down on the mat with your feet out flat behind you and hold yourself up with your arms extended and palms flat on the mat.

Do each of these exercises twenty times on each leg to complete a circuit. I like to do one leg first all the way through on the booty, then the other, then do both inner thighs back to back. The inner thigh pulse at the end is an active recovery for your booty muscles. Complete three total circuits. You can also add in cardio between such as running in place for a minute or one hundred jumping jacks.

  • Fire Hydrants

    From the starting position, keep your knee bent, lift your leg up and away from the middle of your body. Literally imagine a dog lifting it’s leg to use the restroom on a fire hydrant, hence the name of the exercise. Pause at the top and then slowly return to the starting position.

  • Angled Leg Lifts

    From the starting position, extend your leg out so it’s about an inch above the ground. Point it towards the back corner of a room with your foot somewhat flexed so its at an angle aka not straight out behind you (that comes in a minute). Lift it up and hold for a second, then return it to about an inch above the ground.

  • Donkey Kicks

    From the starting position, lift your leg with your knee bent and your foot flat while hinging at the hip. Use your glute to press your foot directly towards the ceiling, pausing and squeezing at the top. Return to the starting position, with your knee about an inch off the ground. Make sure that your pelvis and working hip stay turned towards the ground while doing this exercise!

  • Straight Leg Lifts

    From the starting position, extend your leg out straight behind you so it’s about an inch off the ground. Lift your leg up with your foot somewhat flexed and hold at the top. Return to the starting position with your foot about an inch from the ground.

  • Inner thigh Pulse

    Turn and lay on your side with your opposite leg crossed over the leg of the side you are laying on. So, if you’re laying on your right side, cross your left leg over your right. You’ll naturally be more on your side on the top half than the bottom. Keeping your right leg straight, lift it up and pulse repeatedly. Do 50 reps on each leg.

If you’re never sure on how to do an exercise, try googling it and finding a You Tube video example. Orrrr stay tuned and keep pressuring me and I’ll get over my video fear and make my own for you all! A Lo Profile: Booty Work. Exercises you can do anywhere using either equipment or body weight to target your butt and saddlebags.


If you’re in need of a new workout top or just a comfy lounge top this sleeveless hoodie is the softest, most comfortable thing EVER. It also comes in black and I am seriously so obsessed. It’d be amazing for travel, too. It is actually super lightweight and doesn’t get hot. These exact sneakers are currently sold out so I linked a similar pair that are plain white and black. These gold ones are also amazing and come in a few colors if you just really need some bling added in your activewear.

This past weekend was super busy so please excuse me being MIA on social media. Sometimes, you just need a little time away. Especially when my to do list is oh so long and kind of growing by the moment as I think of more I need to do before we leave for three weeks for our wedding and honeymoon! I hope you all had an amazing weekend and that your week gets off to a great start. Don’t skip your workout today! It will for real set your tone for the whole week.

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