Friday Favorites: Summer Statement Shoes

Do you ever see something and it just continues to pop into your head? For me it’s one of these pairs of shoes. Nothing haunts us like the purchases we don’t make. Since spotting one of these pairs earlier in the week, I’ve been trying to rearrange outfits in my head around these shoes so that I have more of a reason to buy them. Any guesses which pair? I’m legit just going to pull the trigger and buy them after I finish writing this post because, they just belong in my closet. Seeing this pair, and having them pop up in my mind several times a day since, got me thinking about statement shoes. They can so easily transform an outfit and add a fun, effortless twist my favorite jeans and a t-shirt look or to a classic LBD. I started looking around and saw SO many pairs I love, so today’s Friday Favorites post is all about Summer statement shoes. I’ve rounded up my current favorites that come in a wide variety of price ranges with all of them being under $200 and most even being under $100!

To shop any of the shoes below, just click on any of the photos! It will take you straight to the product page for that shoe where you can shop.


I hope you all had a great week! Even though I only had to work on Monday, it was such a busy one for me. Tonight we are going out for a bit to celebrate Charles’s brother-in-law’s birthday, but before that I have some errands to run and hope to lay by the pool for awhile. I also MUST fit a workout in because I wasn’t able to fit one in yesterday. I have quite a few things to shoot for the blog on Saturday, but otherwise plan to workout, take Maddie to play at the park, and spend some time by the pool. Just a few more days left of my Whole 30 and just a few more days until I AM thirty. Get excited for a fun birthday post next week! Enjoy your weekends. XO


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  1. 6.17.17

    There are so many fun shoes out right now-I have a hard time just picking one!

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