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Capri Travel Guide via A Lo ProfileCapri’s beauty has made it a dream destination with unbelievable views, delicious food, and an amazing vibe. We only had a day on this stunning island, but have a whole to do list of things to do, places to eat, and where to stay when we return for an extended trip. Today, I’m sharing my Capri travel guide with you all that will help you navigate the island whether you’re going just for a day trip or for an Italian getaway. We can’t wait to go back and stay longer, because everyone says that staying on the island gives you a completely different sense of the island. Ferries are bringing people to the island throughout the day and when the last one leaves in the evening, everything is said to be much calmer and more serene. We were continually told by the locals that we were there at the busiest time of the year and we felt it. It was packed with people during the day. I’m always down for some good people watching, but it definitely felt crowded at times.

One thing to note is that Capri is noticeably more expensive than other places you may visit. It definitely depends on your travel preferences and like anywhere in Italy, a delicious pizza and some gelato is just around the corner. I found Capri to be glamorous and romantic destination!

I’m breaking the island down mostly by what I’ve heard to do, since we only spent a few hours there. I always do tons of research before we visit places and cross reference recommendations, so I’m confident in these. If you have been and have anything to add, please let me know!

You can get to Capri via ferry either from Naples or any of the towns on the Amalfi Coast. Its a quick and beautiful trip! There are two sides to Capri Island. Anacapri is at the top and where you’ll find most of the villas. There are a few restaurants and shops there, but most you’ll find in Capri. Getting around the island is easy. They have super cheap buses that will take you any where you want to go and they run every 10-15 minutes. They also have trams and adorable little convertible taxis everywhere. You can walk if you want, but I’d only do it once your up from the marina. We learned the hard way after we hiked up hills and stairs for literally thirty minutes from the ferry port.

Capri Travel Guide via A Lo Profile


I’m not sure you can go wrong on the island, as there are only 40 hotels, but whether you choose a hotel or rent out your own villa, you are sure to find a gorgeous view! I’d pick it based on location (if you want to be in the center or not) and of course, price.

  • La Minerva: this one is where I think I’d want to stay, as its a gorgeous boutique hotel. The pool looks so relaxing and with only 19 rooms I’m sure the staff’s attention to detail is amazing. I love the decor and the view, too.
  • Capri Tiberio Palace: this place is seriously gorgeous. Its in a great spot where you can walk to everything, but aren’t completely in the middle of all the day time hustle. It’s by far one of the nicest hotels on the island.
  • JK Place: these hotels are always stunning and come with great service. This hotel has been named one of the 100 best hotels in the world and one of the 10 best resort hotels in Italy. Enough said.
  • Hotel Pazziella: a Mediterannean style villa located in a beautiful garden, this hotel will provide you a quiet oasis from the streets of the town.
  • Hotel Della Piccola Marina: an elegant and cozy spot located amongst a ton of greenery. The pool is a great spot to relax during the day and your a short walk from lots to see and do.
  • Capri Palace Hotel and Spa: if you feel like splurging and staying where the who’s who of the island stay, then this large 80 room hotel is the one for you. The decor, the details, and the service are all reviewed as impeccable.
Capri Travel Guide via A Lo Profile

As with so many places in Italy, I don’t think you’ll have a bad meal on Capri. Skip the ones in the marina right by the ferries and you should be good to go. You’re in Italy, so just enjoy the bread, pizza, pasta, and gelato on repeat. Capri is known for it’s lemons, so be sure to have lots of lemon anything– from pasta to gelato. Also, make sure you have a lot of Caprese salad!

  • Da Paolino: we were dying to go here but they were only open for dinner when we were there. This restaurant is situated in a lemon orchard giving it the most amazing atmosphere. It’s a favorite of many from celebs to foodies. Order anything with lemon.
  • Ristorante Al Capri: this is a great spot to stop at during the day. We stopped to eat lunch here on our day on the island. The view is gorgeous and the service and atmosphere are wonderful. We shared a few things and it was all delicious!
  • Da Gemma: this restaurant has been around for years and years and the food is consistently amazing. They serve up amazing pizzas and a delicious seafood pasta.
  • Buca di Bacco da Serafina: they have a beautiful panoramic window and serve delicious, fresh fish without breaking the bank.
  • La Cappannina: highly recommended for the Caprese ravioli, seafood spaghetti, and great service.
  • Salumeria da Aldo: a delicious little sandwich shop that serves up classic Italian sandwiches at a great price. Perfect for a casual lunch.
  • Da Tonino: consistently reported as one of the best culinary experiences on the island, this fine dining restaurant hits all the marks: atmosphere, food, and service.
  • Ristorante Mamma: recommended time and time again. This is a classic Italian spot located in AnaCapri serving delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere.
Capri Travel Guide via A Lo ProfileWHAT TO DO
  • Spend a day at the picturesque Fontelina Beach Club. They have two reservations available and while their food isn’t said to be the best, you’re going for the experience and the atmosphere. Lounge in a chair under the blue and white striped umbrellas all day and you’ll be in beach club heaven. They only take reservations three days in advance unless you’re reserving for two days.
  • Spend a day on a boat with a tour from Gianni’s Boats. I had this on my list after seeing it recommended time and time again. We didn’t actually go out on a boat during our time there, but my friend and her husband went after I shared the recommendation and they absolutely loved it. Their guide was from the island and took them all around it to tell them about it, took them to the blue grotto, and let them relax out on the water with all the cocktails their little hearts desired. They loved the insider perspective he shared with them. You can’t go wrong here! Book in advance.
  • Grab a cocktail at Grand Hotel Quisisana or at Jacky Bar inside the Capri Tiberio Palace. The nicest hotels always have the best people watching & cocktail atmospheres.
  • Explore Anacapri.
  • Visit Villa San Michele. This is the home of a former Sweedish author turned museum with gorgeous gardens.
  • Relax on Faro beach. This is a more local beach located near the lighthouse.
  • Shop. Everyone talked about how Capri has the best shopping! While I thought it was great, I think the beautiful hand made sandals you can find there were my favorite. It’d be fun to splurge on a new pair of sunglasses or a bag there, but the nice shopping seemed comparable to any other nice area. I personally prefer to find unique items to bring back with me or a little something to splurge on to remind me of my trip, rather than buying something I can get any time back home.
Capri Travel Guide via A Lo ProfileTRAVEL TIPS
  • Make reservations. If you don’t you may not get in depending on the time of year you are there. Definitely make them for your boat tour and for the beach club. They mean it on that three day rule at the beach club, too. You may not need lunch reservations, but I’d go ahead and make them for dinner, especially if you want a prime table with one of the amazing views.
  • You’ll walk around the city center (you have no choice for parts of it), so wear comfortable shoes when walking around. When you can take a bus or a cab, I’d recommend it, otherwise you may find yourself hiking up hills and stairs longer than you thought.
  • Take advantage of the people who you can pay to help you with your luggage. Whether it is staff from where you are staying that you tip or someone you pay in the marina, I promise you don’t want to be lugging heavy bags around. As you can tell from the photo above, I even passed off my tote bag to the hubs because that even got super heavy after all the walking we did.
  • Don’t judge Capri by the marina. When I first got off the ferry I felt a sense of “huh?!” Because it was a standard marina with tons of tourist shops, mediocre restaurants shoving menus in your face, and ‘wifi here’ signs. Just wait until you get into the city center and I promise, it will live up to the picturesque idea in your mind!


I can’t wait to go back and spend more time on this pretty little island. Everyone recommended we come back when it wasn’t so hot and when it was less crowded, either in April or early May or in late August or September. If I left off any of your favorites, I’d love to know so I can have them on our list for next time! XO


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