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Gift Ideas for the Groom via A Lo ProfileHi there! In case you missed it last week, I shared a first look from our wedding featuring a photo from the moment my girlfriends first saw me in my wedding dress. More on that soon, but today I’m sharing more pictures from our wedding, but focusing on my handsome groom and giving you some gift ideas for the groom. The photo above is during a beautiul, sweet, and witty speech Charles gave during our wedding dinner.

Charles mentioned some things he thought needed before our wedding, so I had the perfect idea on what to get for him. I teamed up with Daniel Wellington to ensure he got not one, but two beautiful watches for our wedding weekend after mentioning he thought he needed some gold details on his watch for our wedding day. I decided he needed a new tan one for our rehearsal dinner and a black one for our wedding day, both with gold details. Charles planned to wear his grandfather’s cufflinks, which are gold, so he wanted to be sure he had a watch to match! I went with a classic tan watch with a white face and rose gold detailing for him for our rehearsal dinner and a black one with a white face and gold detail for our wedding. Gift Ideas for the Groom via A Lo Profile

Gift Ideas for the Groom via A Lo Profile

How handsome is my husband?! I meaaaan. His watch c/o Daniel Wellington looked amazing with his tux and cufflinks from his grandfather and he still loves wearing it! You can see how amazing his tan one looks with his rehearsal dinner outfit in this post.

I’m breaking down eight different gift ideas for the groom based on category below. I think your gift should reflect your husband and your relationship. We usually always give some aspect of a trip or an experience over things, but for us when it came to our wedding, we both thought it would be amazing to have things that would end up being more sentimental to us.

  • A watch: A watch is as classic of a wedding gift as you can get. It’s something thoughtful, particularly if you engrave it, that they will get such great use out of. The beautiful part about watches is that they don’t have to break the bank! You can get one of these gorgeous Daniel Wellington watches at a great price with quality that will last for years to come. Plus, you can snag 15% of any watches on their site using code: ALOPROFILE. 

  • Cufflinks: cufflinks are another beautifully classic wedding gift. While I don’t think that every guy gets everyday use out of them like a watch, they can be something special to wear for nicer occasions. As proven by Charles wearing his grandfather’s cufflinks, they are also something that can stay in the family, which is such a nice way to honor those who have passed on your big day. Cufflinks come in all kinds, too. You can go traditional, or find something fun that highlights your groom’s interests.

  • A camera: whether this is a drone, a go-pro, or a good ole DSLR, getting your groom a camera can be a great way to document not only your honeymoon, but all of your fun upcoming adventures together. Many guys love new gadgets and finding something he can use regularly and for years to come is a great wedding gift!

  • A photo book: whether you do a boudoir shoot or simply want to give him a book of all the reasons you want to marry him full of memories, either way this will be something sweet and thoughtful that he will know you put a lot of time and thought in to. If you all love to travel it would be a beautiful way to put all those photos together from your trips over the year, too.
  • A getaway trip: Maybe your groom has been dying to go play golf at a certain course or has a city he has wanted to visit. Surprising him with a getaway trip, either with you or for him and the boys, is a great way to give him a fun experience that he’ll use.

  • A surprise video: I actually did this for Charles, also. A bunch of his friends couldn’t make it to our destination wedding in Italy, so I wanted them to still be able to share how much they care about him on our wedding day. I asked each of them to record a short toast and then had one of his friends put them together into an awesome surprise video. We all gathered in what we were joking was a slideshow our mom’s put together and he was completely surprised. There are lots of different ways you could put a video together for him– even if you didn’t show it at the actual wedding or reception, it could be something he watched before or after.
  • Something for the honeymoon: maybe he needs a new weekend bag or a personalized passport cover. Whatever he may need, making him a cute little gift package with a few things or one bigger item is a great way to ensure he is ready for your first trip as man and wife.

  • A fur child: Another super fun idea that one of my girlfriend’s was actually given by her husband, but that I think would make the perfect gift for a groom, too is a dog. They had been talking about getting one and on the day of their wedding he gave her a photo of the puppy he had gotten for them with a personalized dog collar inside. It was so sweet! If your beau has been wanting a dog, what better way to celebrate the start of your family?

Gift Ideas for the Groom via A Lo Profile

I had so much fun coming up with gift ideas for Charles for our different wedding events, but especially for our wedding day. I’ve rounded up the watches I gave Charles and a few other great gift ideas below for you to shop below.


I hope you loved seeing a few more of our wedding photos and that this guide helps you when coming up with ideas for the groom. I can’t wait to continue sharing more pictures with you in the weeks to come! We got a preview of around 80 images from our photographer last week and just have to wait a few more weeks on all of them. I’m dying to see them all and to see our video because they all make me so happy and beautifully reflect us and our wedding day! Stay tuned for more. XO

Photos by Stephanie Parsley Photography 

This post was brought to you in partnership with Daniel Wellington in exchange for the watches provided to my husband, as well as one provided to me. All opinions remain my own.


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