Shorts and Sweaters: My Fav Early Fall Combo

Sweaters & Shorts- my fav early Fall combo via A Lo Profile.


Since August is here and already flying by, it means I’m counting down the days until Fall. One of my favorite things about when it starts to become Fall, besides the foliage and the start of football, is combining fashion from the end of one season and start of another. That leads to one of my all time favorite combinations: shorts and sweaters. I love paired this combo with booties. Booties might be my most favorite thing to purchase (read more about how to wear them through the seasons here) so as soon as I start buying new ones, I want to wear them.

Shorts & Sweaters: My Fav Fall combo via A Lo Profile.

I know that this combo isn’t for everyone. In fact, I got one of my first not-so-nice comments on my Instagram last week about this outfit saying that wearing shorts with sweaters is “moronic.” Well, you could make the same argument for jeans with a tank top. I’ll just let it lie and say ‘if you don’t have something nice to say’ don’t go out of our way to write a rude comment on someone’s post. Just don’t wear that. I digress. I personally love it because during the day you can roll up the sleeves to your sweater or wear a tank top underneath in case you get warm. As it cools off a little bit in the evening, your arms will be kept warm! As the temperatures continue to drop, switch out your denim shorts for an even more Fall-friendly look by wearing leather, velvet, or suede shorts.

Since this sweater is distressed, I kept the rest of the look casual with distressed denim shorts, and a fun pair of metallic sneakers. These shoes also come in black and a rose gold that I love! They are super comfortable and add a little bit of fun to any relaxed look. This outfit would be perfect for a day full of running errands! Shorts & Sweaters: My Fav Fall combo via A Lo Profile.



I apologize for my absence yesterday, but I was in Cabo for a long weekend and wanted to enjoy every last second of it. This past weekend was last my last of Summer, as I start back to work on Friday, so it was important for me to be able to just relax. Now that I am back, I’m excited to share some things with you all and to get back into a routine. Hopefully, a healthy one. I typically do a Whole 30 when I start back to work in the Fall, but honestly, since I just did one before our wedding, I’m feeling a little indifferent and unenthused about it. I do one in January every year, too and I’m thinking I’m just going to wait to do another until then. I’m often an extremist and do best when I set strict limits. When things are in the gray area, I tend to not do as well sticking to it. I’m going to try to be stricter during the weekdays and continue to set some limits, while enjoying myself, on the weekends. Wish me luck! Hopefully I can turn over a new leaf and learn to balance without having to limit myself as much as I would when doing a Whole 30. Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! XO


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  1. 8.8.17
    Erin said:

    I can’t believe someone didn’t like this outfit! Shorts + sweater is seriously one of my all time favorite combinations. Really love this outfit on you Lauren!

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