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If you all are anything like me, a denim jacket is a wardrobe staple for you. I have several in my closet that are different styles, colors, or washes. I wear on about once a week. This time of year, I find myself wearing them on repeat. I love to style denim jackets over dresses! I find myself getting cold a lot, so a denim jacket is easy to have on hand. It goes with just about any look & if you get hot there are other ways to wear it, such as tied around your waist. I’ve gotten some requests to round up the best denim jackets for spring, so I’m doing just that today in my denim jacket guide.

Denim Jacket Guide

Today in my denim jacket guide I am breaking down a few key styles or colors of denim jackets that I feel like are great to have in your closet. All of these are not necessary, but are good options depending on what kind of denim jacket you may be shopping for. For some styles, I’m including two different price ranges so that this guide has something for everyone! Even the options that are more of a ‘splurge’ are still affordable, particularly when you consider the CPW (cost per wear) of a denim jacket.

Light Wash Denim Jacket

A light wash denim jacket is a great closet staple, because it has a more vintage, relaxed feel to it. I love pairing mine with darker colors because the contrast of the two look great!

Budget Friendly: This denim jacket is under $32 usually, but is on sale for under $25 right now. It has a very subtle raw hem & is a more structured style denim. I got a size XS in this & think that it fits pretty true to size.

Designer Denim: This is by one of my favorite denim designers & is the most splurgeworthy option in this post. It’s a super stretchy light wash denim that makes it SO comfortable. I got a size XS in it & it fits TTS.

Medium Wash Denim Jacket

A medium wash denim jacket is the most classic option. This is the style I’ve worn the most over the years, hands down. It’s always in style & goes with just about everything. I take a medium wash denim jacket with me on just about every trip I take because you can always make it work.

Classic Option: This is a somewhat affordable, classic option & is typically priced just under $90, but is currently on sale for under $55. It fits TTS. 

*Both of these jackets are more of a structured denim & have two buttoned pockets on the top & two pockets on each side.

Splurgeworthy: This is the denim jacket I’ve worn so many times I can’t count. I bought it probably five or more years ago & it has held up great. This particular one has rose gold buttons, which I love because I feel like they match just about everything. I’m wearing a size XS. While I said it’s a splurge, it’s still under $120 & I easily have worn it over two-hundred times, so the CPW on it is great.

Black Denim Jacket

I like having a black denim jacket on hand to pair with dresses for a nicer look. Something about black just looks a little more dressed up!

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Black Denim Jacket: This one is a mid-price range & is by a go to more affordable denim brand that I love. Just about everything by them is under $100. This one fits TTS! It has sort of a washed or lived in color to it, which I love. It has a slightly raw hem & has four pockets. This exact one is almost sold out, but I love this one in the same price range & style, too. This one is a great more budget friendly option.

Oversized Denim Jacket

Oversized denim jackets have a relaxed vibe to them that in my opinion, give everything more of a cool factor. I like how instantly an oversized denim jacket can dress down a nicer dress or can help add a little edge to something with florals.

Budget Friendly: This budget friendly oversized denim jacket is the perfect medium wash with a little bit of a vintage or worn touch. It’s under $25 & fits of course, oversized. I got a size XS in it.

Splurge Option: You all have seen this jacket TONS of times since I got it. I got a size XS/S in this one. I definitely recommend sizing down in this one. It has more of a cropped sleeve on it, which I think is a fun feature that gives it even more relaxed vibe. I got my nickname embroidered on the side of this, which is a detail I love. You could do this to any jacket you have by taking it to a tailor!

White Denim Jacket

A white denim jacket is a spring & summer staple. They can instantly lighten up any darker look! I love pairing them with tops & black pants for work, too.

Cropped White Denim Jacket: This jacket is such a steal at under $30. It has a cropped fit, which I think makes it perfect to style with dresses. It isn’t too cropped though. If I wear it with jeans or pants, it hits right around the waist line depending on the rise of the jeans. I’m wearing a size XS in this one. If you’re between sizes, I would size up. 

Frayed White Denim Jacket: This one is a little more a splurge compared to the other one, but it’s still under $100 & is currently on sale. It’s a little longer than the other one & I love the raw hem at the bottom of it. I got a size XS & it fits TTS.

The dress & all of the shoes I wore with the denim jackets are linked for you all to shop below. I got my true size, size XS in the dress. It has a loose, flowy fit to it. All of my shoes fit TTS! I’m also linking all of my accessories below.

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I hope my denim jacket guide was helpful for you all! There are so many good options out there & I know it can be overwhelming to navigate. Seeing things styled on a real person always helps me make purchase decisions so hopefully it helps you, too. If you all have any questions or need help shopping with anything else, please let me know! I’m here to help however I can. If you are shopping for other things right now, check out my spring activewear guide & my spring loungewear guide. XO


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    Thanks for this helpful guide. I see I must wear my denim jackets soon again 🙂
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