10 Essentials When Working From Home

Many of us are now working from home & will continue to for the foreseeable future. For me, since I quit my job, I am going to be working from home all of the time. There are a few items that I think make working from home so much better. Some help me work more efficiently while others just make me feel good. Whether you work from home all of the time or just like to have a functional desk space to work at in your free time, look through these items & tips to see if there are any that interest you. The majority of these items are super affordable!

Sharing 10 essentials when working from home to help you stay on track & productive while we all adjust to working at home for the foreseeable future.

10 Essentials When Working From Home

A Multipurpose Power StripWhen working from home, there are so many cords from monitors, computers & phones. All of these items need charging. I love these power strips because they have multiple outlet options. Having this by your desk will help everything stay charged & ready to go right at your desk or working station.

Laptop CoverWhen working from home, you may want to work at your desk, from the couch or from the bed depending on the time of day & your mood. Having a laptop cover keeps your computer safe in case it slides off the couch etc. I pulled a few options for cases below, including this one which the one I use!

Extra Long Phone Charger CordHonestly whether you are working from home or not, these things are a gamechanger. I love having long cords around the house so I can charge my phone on the couch, at my desk, or by my bed without pulling out the charger out of the socket. For some reason, they make the classic Apple chargers with super short cords so I love these longer cords from Amazon.

The Best Pens EverWhen I am working, I constantly am making lists & jotting things down. I have always been super obsessed with these pens. They are the ONLY ones I use – literally! They write so well & honestly don’t cost much. You have to try them!

A Good Pair of SlippersWhen I work from home, sometimes I wear athleisure & sometimes I get dressed & put on makeup. Either way, it is so nice to have slippers to walk around in. Wearing slippers is a little way to make yourself feel cozy & spoil yourself while you are at home. I rounded up some of my favorite affordable slippers below!

Standing DeskIf you are at home all of the time, it can be easy to lounge around & not get as much movement in as you would at the office. Having a standing desk at home makes a huge difference. Working standing up is a great way to burn calories, stay active & in shape. It will also help your posture a ton vs. leaning over at a sitting desk all day. I found some great options on Amazon that can be delivered directly to your home.

Mug WarmerIf you love coffee or tea in the mornings, a mug warmer is such a treat to have at home. It keeps your mug hot so you are not having to microwave it 2 or 3 times every morning which honestly is a game changer.

Water BottleRefillable water bottles are a must when working at home. Water bottles help me make sure I am getting plenty of fluids each day which is key for physical health, especially healthy skin. There are so many great water bottle options below. Most of them come in a ton of different colors.

Phone StandI love these phone stands for giving my hands a rest. These help you easily see income texts, phone calls, emails while working on your computer without having to pick it up and down. With most of us working on computer giving our hands a rest can be super beneficial.

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I hope you found these 10 essentials when working from home helpful when trying to make your at-home workspace the best for you. If you haven’t seen my tips for how to stay efficient when working from home, check them out here. XO


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    Yesss to long cords! I need to get one asap – I’m always stuck in the corner of the room while I’m charging my phone haha! 🙂

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