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Emerald Green Dress

Emerald Green DressiEmerald Green DressEmerald Green DressEmerald Green DressEmerald Green DressEmerald Green dress

Emerald green is one of those colors towards which I’m always drawn. I saw this dress when I was out eyeing for something to wear to a wedding two weekends ago and this one immediately grabbed my attention. When I wore it, I was told repeatedly “that is definitely your color.” I think this color looks good on every skin tone or hair color though!

This dress seemed really versatile to me– I’ve already worn it to the wedding and once to work dressed down. I styled it here two ways to show two of the many ways it could be styled. One casual look with glasses for a weekday or day off running errands and another that would be perfect for a holiday party. The time of year filled with holiday parties is definitely quickly approaching and it’s never too soon to start finding the perfect thing to wear! It also comes in white, which I love for the holidays.

Above is a holiday look for a party or even a wedding and the more casual look is styled below. Some of you may not know I wear glasses, as I don’t wear them often in my outfit photos. I love them though. I’ve had these a little over a year and they are by far my favorite pair. Glasses are always a splurge– not just for the frame but if you actually need them for your vision as I do, then the lenses are, too. They are a great investment piece though and I literally wear them every day. I can’t see the TV or anything in bed without them, so as soon as the contacts come out, the glasses go on.Emerald Green dressEmerald Green dressEmerald Green dressEmerald Green dress


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