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White structured top + jeans via A Lo ProfileWhite structured top + jeans via A Lo ProfileWhite structured top + jeans via A Lo ProfileWhite structured top + jeans via A Lo ProfileWhite structured top + jeans via A Lo ProfileWhite structured top + jeans via A Lo Profile

It’s a blessing to live in a country where we can exercise our right to vote. Please, don’t take that for granted! It doesn’t matter if you’re voting for a party, a person, or even just picking a topic to really stand behind and vote for.. just do it. As of today, you have one week left.

When you’re finished, do everyone a favor and keep your specific political opinions to yourself. 🙂 Particularly on social media outlets, like Facebook. I’m all for good conversations with friends or people on potentially conflicting subject matters like politics, but I think some things just don’t need to be put out there for everyone. If you are going to put it all out there or engage in conversations about potentially sensitive topics, at least try to do so in a calm, well thought-out, respectful way. This is just my opinion, but I’m quite certain its very rare that someone ‘changes’ their thought process because someone on Facebook or other social media attacked or challenged their opinion or stance. I get anxiety in tense situations or when there is potential conflicts and this election has definitely brought some of those up by seeing so many people arguing, especially in or on public spaces. Not my personal style, but to each their own! I tend to avoid 99% of political information I see on social media when scrolling through my feed these and most days.

“How beautiful it is to stay silent, when someone expects you to be enraged.”

Moving on to my outfit.. is there anything better than jeans and a white top? I vote no. (Pun intended). I love this one because it has a little structure to it and is not just ‘a boring white top.’ I could fill my closet with endless white tops as to me, they are a blank canvas for an outfit. This one had such a fun back I couldn’t resist it. I paired it with slightly distressed pair of jeans, cognac wedges, and a statement necklace. We’re still in the 80’s (and even 90’s) in Dallas so I’m just gonna keep my summer wedges in the mix for now. These are currently on sale for under $60, so be sure to grab them! You’ll get so much good use out of them next Spring and Summer. Plus, they come in a few colors. You can rent the top via the link below or I’ve also linked a ton of other fun, completely not boring white tops, too.

Happy shopping & happy voting my friends!


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