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Essential natural products via A Lo ProfileA few years ago when I did my first Whole 30 I had signed up for a daily newsletter that was waiting for you in your inbox each morning. It provided different motivation or tips, along with some additional information to think through as you completed your 30 day challenge. One of those days, the topic was about household products. The Whole 30 made me feel like a pro when it came to reading my food labels, but what about all the other labels? From household cleaners to toiletries, I decided to start making some changes. I know I still have some ways to go as I learn more about what goes into products, but I’ve already come a long way. Because I have become so passionate about ensuring that the products in my home are safe, I wanted to share some of my essential natural products that are found in my bathroom.

Let’s start with the shower. My favorite is The Honest Company’s shampoo and conditioner. I like each of the scents they have and have been switching around between them for the past year or so. This Burt’s Bee’s body wash is my favorite scent. I love the grapefruit and it works so well and this bottle lasts me awhile. After the shower, this Tom’s deodorant is the only one I found that works well for me. After months of trying several deoderants which included spending (or wasting) quite a bit of money and having a few days where I thought “ugh I can’t wait to shower” this one is the my one-and-only. The scent is a clean powder and it works best for me thus far. I’m always open to trying new ones, but I’ve learned that I’d rather do it on days spent relaxing at home rather than a usual day at work. I also use Tom’s toothpaste. I switch between different flavors, whitening, or that specified for sensitive teeth and I like them all.

For daily face care, I use Burt’s Bee’s gel cleanser to take off all of my make up at night. I then use their brightening tonic. The scent has sort of an orange-flower smell and I love it! It makes my skin feel so energized and gets any left over makeup off. I follow that up with Derma-E hydrating serum and very clear moisturizer. Finally, if I have any spots that look like a blemish could be coming up I use this Burt’s Bee’s blemish stick. I swear by this thing y’all. I used it for awhile in high school and got away from it for some reason (or my skin just improved) but I started using it again when I stumbled on it at the store and cannot stop. It works SO well.

Finally, ladies let’s talk. If you haven’t heard of Lola, allow me to introduce you. Lola is a tampon company. If you think about it we spend so much time reading labels for our food, beauty, etc. but when is the last time you thought about what your tampons are made of? If you look into it, I think you’ll be shocked and scared like I was. Truly. This isn’t just something you put on you skin either, this is inside you. In the most absorbent part of you. This is really something to think about if you are health conscious. Enter Lola. They make tampons that are made of 100% cotton and are available with or without an applicator. If you use an applicator, the plastic is 100% BPA free. You can sign up online and order boxes to be sent to your house based on  your needs. You can customize the boxes for what you need in terms of absorbency and when you want them to ship. You can get one box, two boxes, whatever you need every month, or every other month. It ships in a discrete box right when you need it. No more last minute runs to store and no more using potentially harmful things during an already unpleasant time of the month. I’ve was so excited to collaborate with Lola as they are a company I truly believe in and are definitely passionate about sharing with my friends and followers. They have a special online for one free box when you order two online, also. It’s super easy to sign up for and you can cancel whenever.Lola review via A Lo Profile

I hope you take even a little bit from this post on my essential natural products and think of what is in your products at home. I definitely want to share some of my favorite cleaning products with you all in the future, too. I find the products online as needed or at local pharmacies or grocery stores. You can easily find them all! Target is starting to carry more and more of these natural brands, which I love. Shop all of the products mentioned in my post below and the all natural lady products by Lola here.

Thank you to Lola for sponsoring this post!


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