If you think sequins are just for New Years Eve or a trip to Las Vegas, then today’s post is for you because I’m talking about how sequins aren’t just for NYE and sharing five ways to dress down sequins. I always see so many fun pieces with sequins on them and don’t think they should be limited to just a few rare occasions.

I saw this sequin dress and loved it so I bought it without really having a set place to wear it. When my girlfriend was planning her bachelorette trip to Palm Springs, I knew it would be coming along with me. California has a cool vibe and I knew I wanted the dress to match the scenery and the occasion. When I wore it I dressed it down by combining two of the five ways that I’m sharing with you today. Just before we went out I actually added in a third and changed from a heel to a flat. Scroll down to read my five ways to dress down sequins.


Add denim

Denim is such an easy way to dress down an outfit. Weather you throw a denim jacket on your shoulders or around your waist with a dress, or throw on distressed denim or cutoff shorts with a top or a blazer, it’s an easy staple to add in that will keep your sequin outfit casual.

Throw your hair up in a ponytail or messy bun

I opted to throw my hair up in a ponytail 1) so I didn’t have to wash and dry my hair again and 2) because it kept the outfit more casual than if it was down and curled. Even letting my hair air dry and be wavy would have kept this more casual. How your hair is styled can totally transform the entire look of your outfit. A messy bun or half-up bun would also be a great way to keep a sequin outfit on the casual side.

Wear sneakers

Sneakers have to be the easiest way to dress down a look. I would have worn solid white or black sneakers with this look. Sequins are not the the time to wear your statement sneaker. Keep it simple.

Pair them with a t-shirt

A great way to dress down anything is with a t-shirt. While I often love to dress up my t-shirts, when paired with sequins they are serving a different purpose. With sequin pieces, such as a skirt or a blazer, a solid or graphic t-shirt will help dress it down. You can also wear your t-shirt UNDER your dress to dress it down. I love the layered trend that we’ve been seeing with a simple t-shirt under a dress or cami to not only add depth to the look, but to make the look casual-cool.

Keep your accessories limited

A bold statement earring or necklace will easily make your sequins a little much. I kept mine white and simple here to bring out the colors of the dress. The sequins are the bling for your look, so choose something a little more understated.

The big key for how to dress down sequins is to combine a few of the five ways above. If you’re wearing sneakers with your look, add in another component such as a white t-shirt or a denim jacket. Switching these up will keep your look fresh but will ensure that it isn’t too much. Don’t try to do all five at once, but if it works out that way and doesn’t feel like you’re trying to hard, then that’s the goal! Sequins are so fun and such a statement piece that they shouldn’t be limited to just one or two times a year. Start simple with a sequin accessory or a t-shirt with a sequin embellishment. There are so many fun options right now that I’ve rounded up my favorites for you below!


A Lo Profile: How to dress down your sequins. Five ways to keep your outfit casual so that sequins aren't just limited to NYE.


This past weekend was another relaxed one. Today marks the halfway point of our Whole 30 so we cooked a lot at home, made some grocery runs, and binged on House of Cards. I had hoped to spend some time laying out by the pool but unfortunately, for the second weekend in a row, the weather interfered. I found just enough time with clear skies on Saturday to shoot several looks that will be hitting the blog, soon!

This week is my last full week at work until mid-August! Then I work on Monday the 12th (random) and am finished! Woohoo! I was debating starting a Master Cleanse the day after I finished work, but it includes maple syrup, which is not Whole 30 approved. This either means I’ll be switching from the Whole 30 to the Master Cleanse orrr I can find an alternative that is approved by the Whole 30. I think that leaves my options as either bone broth or a juice cleanse. Juices have more sugar so I’m not sure that only juices are my best bet. I may do a combination of the two and have two juices in the morning, then bone broth throughout the rest of the day. If anyone has suggestions, please send my way! My goal is basically to shock my system for a few days so that when I am in Italy the week before my wedding eating all the glorious food, that it sort of evens out and I don’t end up a bloated bride who doesn’t fit in her dress. All suggestions welcome!!

Hope all of you have a wonderful star to your week! Thanks for stopping by. XO

Photos by Vanessa from The Retro Penguin


  1. McKenna Trahan

    This dress is stunning girl!! I love all your creative ways to dress it down! xo

  2. I love how a denim jacket just adds a casual touch to pretty much anything. This dress is super cute on its own but I love how you gave it a ‘day’ vibe with the jacket. Great styling!

  3. Anonymous

    Great post!! I’m completely on board with all your dress down suggestions! Looks fab on you!!

  4. Omg I love the cut of this dress!! Great way to style it too!!