Gifts for the Bride to Be

Happy Wedding Wednesday! This week, I’m chatting about gifts for the bride to be. Sure, their will be a registry and you can get something like a cheese board, a marble paper towel holder, or adorable copper measuring cups for her and her soon-to-be husband for their wedding. But, when the bride is one of your besties and you want to do something extra special for her, a little thoughtful gift can go a long way. In the past few years, I’ve loved doing something thoughtful for my girlfriends when they have gotten engaged or during the wedding planning process when they set a date, choose a location, or ‘just because.’ If you’re anything like me, sometimes you just get so excited to celebrate your friends that you can’t wait to celebrate! Whether your friend just got engaged or is just feeling a little stressed, these are sure to put a smile on her face without breaking the bank!

Anything with the word “Bride” on it

Getting engaged and becoming a bride-to-be is so exciting, so getting to call yourself a bride is fun. If your friend is newly engaged, anything with the word bride on it is sure to bring a smile to her face during this time. I love this sleep mask, this tunic shirt, or

something with Coordinates

I think this is particularly special for anyone getting married somewhere other than the city they currently call home. I got a coordinates bracelet for a girlfriend of mine who was getting married at the beach in Florida of the town where they were getting married. The fun part about coordinates is you can add to them and do where you got engaged, where you currently live, and maybe one day where you buy a house or have a baby. You can get a coordinates necklace, rings, or bracelets.

Something with their Date

Once the couple has set their date, this is such a fun gift to give!  You could also layer date items with important dates along the way. You can do a standard date necklace or a roman numeral necklace. You could also do a bracelet or ring!

Anything “Mrs.”

This gorgeous necklace is something you could wear forever and it is so dainty and cute! You could also do this Miss. to Mrs. bag, or this beautiful “Mrs.” hanger.

A beautiful robe

Even if she doesn’t wear it on THE day, any girl would love this white robe to wear and choosing a white one makes its perfect for a bride-to-be.

A dish for her bling

I love this one, this onethese, and this one. You could also give my fav- The Mrs. Box. You can get these in almost any color and can customize them in so many ways. They are so beautiful and are prefect for wedding detail photos and to match to the couple’s wedding colors.

Anything “His & Hers”

These luggage tags would be perfect for the honeymoon and these wine glasses are too cute for the couple as they wedding plan.

milestone Champagne labels

These make wedding planning more fun and less stressful! Attach the label to wine or champagne so the couple can celebrate as they plan and cross things off their to do lists.

Anything customizable with her soon-to-be initials or last name.

You’ve probably seen these precious beach hats and they make such a fun gift! Especially if they are honeymooning at the beach. This clutch would also be such a fun gift and perfect for wedding events. Even something as simple as this mug would be such a thoughtful gift!

A custom hanger for her dress

I love this wire one you can customize featuring the brides last name! These ‘bride’ hangers are adorable, too.

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My Wishlist

  1. 3.29.17
    Maggie said:

    these are such perfect gift ideas! I want one of those ring boxes and I’ve been married 3+ years haha


  2. 3.29.17
    Kayleigh said:

    So exciting! These are such great goodies, those ring boxes are gorgeous!

  3. 3.30.17
    Sara said:

    As a newlywed, I love all of these ideas!!! Especially the cute tray to put your ring in and the wedding dress hangar!

    xo, Sara

  4. 3.30.17
    Katie Lee said:

    I just got engaged and while I was certain I would never be one of “those brides” I can’t help but want it all!! It’s just so cute and fun!


  5. 3.30.17
    Mandy said:

    So many cute gift ideas!

    Xoxo Mandy | http://www.sparkleshinylove.com

  6. 3.30.17

    what a great post!! these are such great ideas!!

  7. 3.30.17
    Molly said:

    Love those bride hangers!

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