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I love leather and a good vegan leather is almost even better. A light colored leather jacket is a perfect transitional piece for when the temperatures are still a little cooler. Although I wear black year round, I think that a black leather jacket, unless paired with florals or brighter colors, can be a little harsh as the temperatures rise. When I saw this light purple one, that I also have in black (duh), I didn’t think twice. The quality of this vegan leather for the price is awesome and I have gotten so much good use out of the black one since I bought it. I knew this one would be the same. I’ve already styled it so many ways, but have kept the outfits pretty simple around, as I wanted it to be the start of the outfit.

For this one, I added a white bandana around my neck. This trend really became popular again last year, although the French seem to have had this mastered forever. I love the endless possibilities with adding a bandana or small silk scarf to your outfit. You can tie around your neck once or twice, wear the tie in the front/to the side/in the back, tie it around your belt loops, add it to your bag, or wear it on your wrist. There are so many options to incorporate this growing trend into your wardrobe and in my opinion, it gives your outfit an instant cool factor. You can find bandanas for under a dollar at your local craft store or splurge for a silk one. (As I type this my fiancé is laughing telling me our dog has the banana trend nailed. haha #truth) Avoid wearing your bandana with western style boots to avoid looking like a cowgirl, unless of course, that is the look you’re going for. I like pairing mine with a wedge or heeled bootie that does not have a western vibe, a sandal, or a classic pump. 

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I didn’t do a weekend recap yesterday, because I had a very special post up about Autism Awareness. This past weekend we had a double date night on Friday and then saw Beauty and the Beast in 3D. It was AMAZING! Seriously I was shedding tears of joy. Saturday I went to a crawfish broil for a good cause and then ran errands and did a little Spring organizing. I am slightly on the OCD-side and function best when everything is in it’s place. I LOVE to organize and clean things out. I have a big bag of beauty products just waiting to pass on to my friends when they come in town this weekend. If I haven’t used it in the last few months, it’s got to go and stop taking up space! After a ton of organizing, my fiancé and I tried a tapas restaurant and ended our evening with some red velvet cake. He went out to meet some friends and I snuggled up with my pup while catching up on Big Little Lies. Who else is obsessed?! SO good. Sunday we woke up early and met some friends at church, then went to the farmer’s market to eat and shop. I caught up on some blog work (including some major work on my Pinterest boards) and ran a few errands before we cooked our delicious dinner with everything we got a the farmer’s market. It was a nice mix of productivity and leisure and has me feeling just-about-ready for my place to be over taken by all my girlfriends this weekend!

I think I caught a little cold over the weekend, as my throat is oh so scratchy. I’m definitely going to be trying to mend this before the weekend! So, if you have any good home remedies, please share. I have WAY too much fun to look forward to not be on my A-game. Today after work I am shooting some more looks and then my fiancé and I are going to a yoga class that my friend @kttheyogi teaches. If you’re in Dallas, you have to sign up and go to a class. She is just a naturally calm presence and can for real turn your most stressful days around in under an hour! Hope you’re all having a great week so far. XO

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