Haakaa vs Elvie Curve

When creating our baby registry I noticed how many baby items served the same function, but were slightly different. Some items I bought multiple of so I could decide which I liked better & others I just picked one & helped for the best. I did the former with less expensive items & the latter with more expensive items. I wanted to be able to provide you all with some feedback on some items so it would help you out when choosing items for your own registry! The first items I’m comparing are silicone breast pumps. Today’s post is all about two of the most popular silicone pumps for catching let down, the Haakaa vs Elvie Curve.

Sharing my honest review of the Haakaa vs Elvie Curve to help you decide which of these wearable silicone breast pumps is the best for your baby registry.

Haakaa VS Elvie Curve

Below I’m breaking down the Haakaa vs Elvie Curve including pros & cons of each & ultimately, which one I would choose between the two. Hopefully this helps you all when choosing what should be one of your baby registry must haves!


A silicone breast pump works to pull milk from the opposite breast of the one you a nursing on. You can also use them to collect milk if you aren’t ready to fully pump or nurse yet. This milk would otherwise go unused. Depending on your supply & nursing/pumping schedule, it’s a great way to build up a stash of milk!


The Haakaa is the first of these pumps that I heard about. Time & time again I had heard mom’s say this product was a must have. I actually received multiple of these because several friends said it was such a game changer for them & they wanted me to make sure I had one.

I used the Haakaa almost exclusively for the first week or two while breastfeeding. I caught a ton of let down & was so happy with the stash we were building! However, as our little man started to become alert & less sleepy during feedings, I started to struggle using the Haakaa because he would kick it off or it would be challenging to position around him. I also wasn’t able to easily use it if people were over & I was trying to feed. These challenges ultimately led me to trying the Elvie Curve.

I started using the Elvie Curve I had because I was having a few issues with the Haakaa. The Elvie Curve is a silicone pump that fits into your bra. This is a newer product compared to the Haakaa. The function is the same, but there are some pros & cons of both that I am going into a little more detail about below.

Pros & Cons


Below are the pros & cons of the Haakaa silicone pump based on my experience using it so far.


  • Less expensive ($27 with flower stopper)
  • Has strong suction
  • Easy to wash


  • Easy for baby to kick off resulting in a lot of lost milk or messes
  • Not as discreet as other options


Below are the pros & cons of the Elvie Curve based on my personal usage of it so far.


  • Discreet
  • Easy to suction on & off. A valve on the top allows you to release suction
  • Doesn’t spill easily


  • Not as easy to wash the inside
  • More expensive than other pumps ($50)
  • More challenging to pour all the milk out of

Haakaa has come out with an updated version that allows you to detach the bottom from the pump & use with a nipple to feed it to your little one right away.


The Haakaa ladybug is another product available that is similar to the Elvie Curve in that it goes in your bra. It’s less expensive than the curve, too. I have not personally used this, so I can’t speak to it, but I did do some research on it to be able to share more information with you all.

Some pros based on reviews or information I found online are: it’s less expensive ($18), has feet on the bottom that lets you easily set it on a table, & has a spout on top that makes pouring the milk easier. Some cons include: it has very mild suction compared to other pumps & reviews say it seems to catch more letdown than actually ‘pump’ additional milk while nursing. It also does not have measurement markings on the outside, so to see how much you’ve gotten you have to pour it into a bottle or bag & it is not as easy as the Haakaa to wash, but does have a larger opening than the Elvie Curve.

Elvie also makes a product called The Catch. Instead of being a pump that suctions, this just catches let down that a nursing pad or something may otherwise absorb. You’ll still get extra milk from using this product, just not as much as one of the silicone pumps that suction.

My Pick

Based on everything I’ve read & my own personal experiences, I think the Elvie Curve is your best bet. It’s the most expensive of the options, but I think this is for a good reason. It has the best suction, with the least amount of mess, & is more discreet allowing you to use it more. I’ve built up such a great stash already in just one month of breastfeeding & am so glad to have this product! This is a registry must have in my opinion.

Something to Note

If you have an oversupply of milk (like me) you may consider not using any silicone pump each time you nurse. After meeting with a lactation consultant, & speaking with a lot of other mamas with an oversupply, this can cause you to produce even more milk. Essentially, I was telling my body I had twins & it was producing as such. This has been great to build a freezer stash, BUT it has also caused some challenges. When Emmett goes to latch, my let down is so strong sometimes that he can’t get a deep latch because he’s almost drowning with milk coming down. This also leads to him swallowing more air, which leads to gas, which leads to fussiness. To let my supply even out, I haven’t been using a silicone pump while I nurse & instead using it for a few minutes on each side before I nurse to help slow my let down. I’ll also use it for middle of the night relief as I try to stretch my pumping or nursing sessions to match his sleep schedule now that he is sleeping longer stretches & getting closer to sleeping through the night.

Hopefully this post was helpful if you’re deciding between the Haakaa vs Elvie Curve. If you have babies on your mind, you can read my birth story. I also shared my third trimester essentials recently, too! If you have any other questions or anything I can help with, feel free to reach out. XO


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