How to Get Over a Bad Day

Sharing 20 easy tips to get over a bad day & practice gratitude to turn any stressful day around to make it end on a good note.

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We’ve all had a bad day. Maybe the whole day wasn’t even bad, but something happens at work or in another aspect of life, & you find yourself ending your day in a mood. We all need distractions from the stressors in our life & I’ve been finding myself having quite a few stressful days lately. I implement quite a few strategies to help turn my days around, so I thought I’d take some time to write a post & share some tips on how to get over a bad day.


Truly, instead of thinking of something as entirely ‘bad’ I like to start out by remembering that every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day. Even if a few bad things happen & you find yourself in a bad mood, your day was probably full of good things, if you take time to stop & focus on them. Often times, before I can stop & focus on gratitude, I need to distract myself & get my mind off anything that made me upset, stressed, or mad in the first place.

Below I’m sharing 20 ideas to help you get over a bad day. Whether you need to do one of these or several, these are a few things I always try to help end my day on a good note. Really, I think the most important thing is to remove & distract yourself from whatever was causing you stress. None of these are anything extraordinary, but I find it helpful to have something to refer to when I’m in a funk & need some ideas on how to decompress. Hopefully, it’s helpful to you, too!

  1. Take a bath. Add some bubbles or bath salts.
  2. Call a friend.
  3. Cook.
  4. Take a walk.
  5. Play with a dog.
  6. Pamper yourself: Do a face mask, hair mask, or get your nails done.
  7. Do Yoga.
  8. Read.
  9. Color.
  10. Listen to Music. Sing along or Dance.
  11. Laugh: Watch a funny show/movie or listen to a funny podcast.
  12. Make a cup of tea.
  13. Sleep it off.
  14. Breathe.
  15. Light some candles.
  16. Do a Puzzle.
  17. Hug Somebody.
  18. Treat yo’ self: Buy the shoes you’ve been eyeing.
  19. Escape: Go out to dinner or go to a movie.
  20. Practice Gratitude: Use a journal to write down things you’re thankful for.

Hopefully these help you get over a bad day or they help you refocus & realize that there is more good than bad in almost every day. We can practice gratitude over the littlest things & it will help not only reframe our mindset, but help us reset & be ready to make the next day better.

Sharing 20 easy tips for how to get over a bad day & practice gratitude to turn any stressful day around to make it end on a good note.

Sweatshirt // Pants // Couch // Sheepskin Pillow // Console Table // Lamp // Bust


I’d love to know what strategies or tips you implement to help turn your days around! For more health inspired posts, you can read about my workout routine, which is the best way I’ve found to cope with stress. You can also watch my Morning Yoga Flow video to help start your day out on a positive note. Finally, read about five simple changes that make a big difference that I implemented in my day to day life. XO


My Wishlist

  1. 10.30.19

    Love the list of suggestions! Cooking or taking a walk really does the trick for me – just taking my mind off things makes it much better! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. 10.30.19
    Deanna said:

    Face mask, nails and coloring. I love these. Thank You

  3. 10.30.19
    Rena said:

    Love your tips and due to my own experience they work!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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