How To Remove the Warning Label from the Babybjörn Bouncer

If you’re anything like me, you care about aesthetics. I don’t care how many people try to tell me that having a baby will mean my house turns into a colorful mess with crap everywhere all the time. I refuse to completely give up! When coming up with our nursery design & picking out items for our baby registry, we tried to stick to items that are not only practical, but fit within the aesthetic of our home. I know we aren’t the only ones who prefer to stick to neutrals & limit the crap we have around, even with a baby. One item we heard was a must have was the Babybjörn Bouncer balance soft. We’ve heard this is great to put baby in to bounce so you can get ready, cook dinner, or help them entertain/soothe themselves. It’s not cheap, so having it come with a hideous orange warning label right next to where the baby’s head will be was not going to cut it for me. Today, I’m sharing how to remove the warning label from the Babybjorn bouncer for anyone else who found themselves googling how to do this with minimal luck.

How To Remove the Warning Label from the Babybjörn Bouncer

I understand warning labels are necessary. However, once we’ve read them & understood the safety information associated with each baby product, we think it’s fine to remove them & keep them elsewhere so they aren’t an eye sore. A lot of the information is absolute common sense, but I know they are all there for a reason so I digress. I had seen a few people complain about the warning label on this specific Babybjorn Bouncer. It’s such a pretty baby item so they were frustrated that they could not easily remove this. I saw people saying they photoshopped it out of every photo or always had a blanket or other item covering it because it bothered them. I am as a Type A as they come & would definitely be the type to do this as well just because I don’t like looking at something like that. Champagne problems, I know.

At first glance, it looks like you really can’t remove the warning tag. However, I was determined, so with a small pair of scissors & some patience, I sat down & got to work. I figured there HAD to be a way to get it off. If it resulted in a huge hole in the side of the chair, I thought that would still somehow be better than the orange warning label & perhaps I could get something sewn on to cover it up. I’m crazy, I get it. But, if you’re here reading this you probably are, too!

Below is a quick little video of how to remove the warning label from the Babybjorn bouncer. I was successfully able to remove the hideous orange & white warning tag without making a hole in the side of it & now I don’t have to always cover it up or photoshop it out of photos of baby when he arrives.

I also shared this in a REEL on my Instagram for easy reference. Let me know if you have any questions on how I did this! I’m happy to help. The key is to get under that first stitch or two carefully & go from there. Don’t rush it. It doesn’t take too long was worth all the effort in my opinion. I hope this post on how to remove the warning label from the Babybjorn bouncer was helpful! For more baby related content check out my hospital bag packing list & a recap of our baby shower. XO


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