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Mulberry Street via A Lo ProfileI meaaan.. how adorable is Mulberry Street? It’s no secret I love a good mural wall. (See here, here, or here) I saw this one online and immediately added it to my list of places I wanted to see (and shoot). Even better was that we stumbled upon it while we were walking around Nolita and Soho following lunch in NYC. I think it served as the perfect background for a simple day-time outfit.

Last time I went to New York (Read about that here) I basically lived in these sneakers that I had custom designed in black during the day. They are so comfortable and perfect when you’ll be walking a lot, which is inevitable when wandering around NYC. If you haven’t snagged a pair of these yet, go for it. I love them!Mulberry Street via A Lo ProfileMulberry Street via A Lo ProfileMulberry Street via A Lo ProfileMulberry Street via A Lo ProfileMulberry Street via A Lo ProfileWhile walking around it started raining so we stopped into a sample sale that Yumi Kim was having to get out of the rain and go for some retail therapy. I got this bright statement necklace for only $15. I haven’t been able to find it online for you all, but will keep searching. I loved it so much I threw it on with my outfit. It matched the love wall perfectly!Mulberry Street via A Lo ProfileMulberry Street via A Lo Profile

These fun sunnies are from Shop Ditto. If you haven’t heard of it yet, basically it’s endless sunglasses on rotation. I don’t know that I could justify spending over $500 on sunglasses, so keeping these from Shop Ditto for a few months, then returning them is the perfect option! They are such a statement that they really add to any outfit and are just so fun. Especially when you’re using them to not only shield the sun, but cover up the result of a long night out! Shop Ditto is only $24/month and you can get your first month free using code: ALOPROFILE at checkout.

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