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Party in Pink via A Lo ProfileI’ve said before how I have not typically been a pink person. Flowers? Yes. Clothing? Not really. A time and place exists, but for the most part it was not a color found often in my wardrobe. I think it may be due to the fact that my Mom was so excited to have a girl, that all she dressed me in for years and years was pink. Either way, I actually avoided it the past fewyears. When I’d be offered a pink dress to try on my response was “I don’t do pink.” When Pantone named Rose Quartz as a color of the year for 2016, I started eyeing it more and more often. I started buying some clothing in it and fell in love. Since then, I’ve been working my way into liking brighter pinks. I started with smaller steps such as accessories or painting my nails. Since then, I’ve branched out. I thought this pink jacket would be so much fun. I first wore it dressed down with cutoffs and leopard sneakers and then here a little more dressed up with heels, baubles, and a fun clutch. I think I’ll start letting pink creep into my wardrobe more and more. Speaking of this clutch, how perfect is this timed with today being my birthday? I thought it was the perfect addition to this bright, fun jacket and these statement earrings (that I’ve been wearing on repeat since I got them). A little birthday party in pink seems like the perfect way to celebrate not only learning to love the color again, but the start of my 29th year.Party in Pink via A Lo Profile

I’ve prefer to look at birthdays as ‘earning’ another year. So many other countries ask “How many years have you earned?” when asking your age rather than “How old are you?” I think this perspective is wonderful and have tried to keep this outlook since I first heard this. My Psychology nerd side is definitely coming out talking about desensitization to learn to love the color pink and by reframing negative sounding phrases or words to sound positive. Yup. Nerd at heart right here!Party in Pink via A Lo ProfileParty in Pink via A Lo ProfileParty in Pink via A Lo ProfileThe last year has been so wonderful and I can’t what to see what 29 has in store for me. As of last week, I’ve been blogging for a full year! Time really flies. I have learned so much through this process about myself, people in my life, and about the whole industry. It’s so much fun and has brought so many great, new people and adventures into my life. I can’t wait to see what is to come related to my blog in the next year. Thank you so much for following along and to all of those who have supported me so much along the way!Party in Pink via A Lo ProfileParty in Pink via A Lo ProfileParty in Pink via A Lo Profile

I was also just surprised by my boyfriend with THE best birthday gift. If you’re following me on Instagram and Snapchat (username: @laurenemorgan) then you’ve already seen what this amazing gift is, but for those of who aren’t yet, he gave me a PUPPY! I’ve been begging for a dog for so long now and I am so excited to finally have one. Follow me to see pictures of my sweet little pup, Maddie. We named her after Villa Madalena, our favorite neighborhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She was rescued by a local Dallas organization (DFW Rescue Me) who saved her and her siblings from underneath a bridge. They have tried to catch and rescue the mom without luck. They believe she is some sort of shepherd mix and have not seen dad. We definitely want to do puppy DNA testing and find out what she is, soon. Regardless, she is the cutest thing and is quickly learning about her potty training and crate training. I love her so much already! Adopt, don’t shop my friends! There are so many amazing rescue dogs that need loving homes.

I can’t wait to see what my last year in my twenties will hold. I’ll be celebrating tonight with my favorite Italian food in Dallas (and probably some sweets) and playing with my sweet little pup!

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