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Sharing home decor has become such a passion of mine. I’m sure you all have noticed if you follow my home Instagram account @alo_abode. It makes me so happy to help others find pieces they can integrate into their daily live to bring them joy. That really goes for all things! I couldn’t continue the week of Nordstrom Sale coverage without covering all of the amazing home items. There are several items I own & love included! Plus, a few new ones I grabbed. Today, I’m rounding up my NSale home picks including my top picks & more home pieces broken down by category.


All of the collages featuring my NSale home picks below are shoppable. This means you can click on any of the images & you’ll be taken straight to that product’s page to shop!


The chunky knit blanket is the one we have in our guest bedroom. I love it! It’s available in three colors. We also have one of the super soft Barefoot Dreams blankets I included! They are my fav to cozy up on the couch with & they make the best gifts. This is the upgraded option for our Dyson vacuum that I love. I use it almost daily to deal with pet hair! It’s absolutely worth the hype because of all the attachments you can use to clean furniture, cars, & more. Plus, being cordless is the best! The set of pillow cases we have & they come in both queen & king size this year which is awesome. Also, a great gift idea! I ordered both candle sets featured here & the tea kettle. I really want to pull the trigger on the Theragun & I don’t know why but this little self-watering herb garden has intrigued me for so long. The other items I included are key home pieces that are great to save on while you can!


We got the tea kettle that I can’t wait to try! I also realized when making this that we don’t have a griddle pan & I think I’m going to get this while it’s on sale. I want one to make pancakes on!


If you don’t use silk pillowcases this is the time to grab them. They are great for your skin & hair. Plus, they feel & look so luxurious. I love ours!


I used to love wearing a towel wrap when getting ready because it leaves you hands free & actually stays up. I am def grabbing this one & the head towel wrap to match. I also die for the striped towel with the fringe detail. I want them for outside pool/beach towels! I think they are so chic.


The multi-color throw is just like the one we have in our family room draped on our woven leather chair. It’s such a good one that brings in all the neutral colors from around the room. As I mentioned above on our top picks our guest room blanket at the end of our bed & the Barefoot Dreams we love are also included.


All of the candle sets are great to stock up on for gifts or to have for yourself & use the around the house. I like having the smaller ones in our bathroom!


There are so many chic & cool prints included in the sale. There are options for frames or you can just get the print & custom frame it on your own. I love the set of storage baskets, too.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my Nsale home picks from this year’s sale! I think there are so many great pieces included. Don’t forget to check out my NSale beauty picks that I shared yesterday. I chatted a little bit more about all of those on stories & saved them to a highlight. Also, earlier this week I shared my top picks & what I think will sell out first from the sale, my top picks by category, & 14 styled looks from my first round of NSale shopping. Stay tuned for more styled looks on stories & coming to the blog, soon. If there is anything in particular I can help you all shop with– related to the sale or not, please reach out. I’m here to help & love doing it! XO


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