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It’s no secret that I am a huge beauty junkie. My obsession really grew a few years ago before our wedding when I was focused on skincare & learning to do my own makeup for our destination wedding. I have so many products that are staples in my routine & whenever I have a chance to save on them, I like to stock up. The Nordstrom Sale is always a great opportunity for me to do this! I know I’ll buy them & use them anyways, so may as well save a bit. Today, I’m talking about my top NSale beauty picks & breaking down the beauty section by category featuring items I think are most worth it or that I know you all love. ICYMI, be sure to check out my post on my top picks & what I think will sell out first from the sale. I also broke down the whole sale by category & shared 14 styled looks from my first round of shopping earlier this week.


Below I’m rounding up my top NSale beauty picks & then breaking them down into categories a little more for you all. There are some tride & true beauty items featured & it’s a great time to save on products you’ll purchase throughout the year anyways. The collages are all shoppable, so if you click on any of the images, you’ll be taken right to that product’s page!


My number one pick would be the GHD hair tools. If you are in need of new ones, these were the best switch for me & this is the lowest price I’ve seen them in the last year. These heat up in like 10 seconds & have sensors to auto adjust the heat for your hair type so you aren’t damaging it. I have been truly converted to their hair tools & have not looked back!

I swear by the Good Genes serum (IYKYK) & the Tata Harper radiance mask. Gives you such a good glow– you can read more on it here. I ordered the r45 which you have def seen me talk about on stories before. I am using it the second I can after baby! The before/afters of it speak for themselves & I notice the biggest difference in my skin.  You use it for 45 days, twice a year. It gradually builds up your skins tolerance to the retinol so you don’t end up all flakey & gross like you may with other products. I seriously have missed being able to use this so much!

My new makeup mirror that I have packed in my hospital bag, my go to perfume I wore on our wedding day (& basically every day since), & the body wash + lotion I use every day are also included. Finally, don’t sleep on the at home microneedling tool. I love it so much & this bundle has great savings!





I will be talking more about a ton of these items over on Instagram stories today, so be sure to tune in there for more details! Also, be sure you’re following me in the LiketoKnow.it app for tons of exclusive content. I share so much more there than I do here on the blog or even on stories! If there is anything you all are shopping for in particular or I can help in any way, please reach out. I’m alway so honored to be a resource for you all. XO


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